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Do you think propoints are set too high?

I am starting to think WW propoints are unrealistic, this week and last week I only lost 0.5lb, it would take me a year to lose 26lb following this plan at this rate, 3 years to get anywhere near goal. I don't think the calorie deficit is enough to sustain the 1-2lb a week they claim. Just because I'm starting off heavier doesn't mean I need that many more points. I am supposed to be on 34 plus the 49 weeklies.

If anyone else has a lot of points if you are bonafide sticking to the plan are you losing 1-2lb a week or are you going more slowly, sts, gaining?

My experiment this week is stick to 29/30 points, and have a blowout with weeklies earlier on in the week instead of the weekend. I had my blowout last night and enjoyed it. I think this is more than adequate to sustain ongoing weight loss and do not think it will cause an issue, if it does I'll start exercising more to shake off the plateau.
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i a been on weigh watchers for 2 months and lost 21lbs some weeks 0.5 lbs others 3.5 lbs. im on 31 pp and was on 33

are you def checking the points on everything and tracking everything you eat??

just an idea
also exercise i think is a main part i exercise 3 times a week 1hr zumba, 30mins strength and 30 mins boxing spread over the week

and i find if i dont exercise i wont lose as much
I started off on 36pp a day and i have lost over 3 stone since the end of january and a few weeks i havent stuck to the plan and only lost 1lb or gained 1lb, it has deffiantely worked for me


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I have read that some people dont lose weight very well if they have all their weeklies. I have cut them down drastically to see if it helps but i would suggest making sure you are pointing things propery first as the weeklies are good to have if you can. If you really cant get a 1-2lb loss after that, maybe cut down to half the weeklies? thats what i would (and have) done for ther sake of my sanity xxx
I've lost 45lbs since January, I lost 0.5 lb 2 weeks in a row, then I lost 4lbs. On average I've lost 2.3lbs a week so far. I don't always eat all my weeklies but I do use a fair chunk of them on some wine which I thoroughly enjoy without feeling guilty. Stick with it, and the weight will come off.
I'm tracking it to a tee, it goes in my phone before it goes in my mouth and I haven't eaten all my weeklies on any week thus far. I have only had 1 small glass of wine in the last fortnight and didn't finish that so it's not alcohol stalling either.

Hoping these tweaks will be enough to get me on the 1-2lb a week train. Cutting back on the snacks, I still have lots for my meals. I had a roast dinner tonight, it was lovely and filling. I could do with doing more exercise, I need to get my name down for the rollerdancing sessions I've bought and get to the gym more.


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I used to eat whatever the hell i wanted on discover and if I stayed in my points it was a guaranteed loss
Strangely I've found the exact opposite. I couldn't any anything like pasta or bread on discover and still loose, but so far I've been eating whatever I want (obviously within my points) with pro points.
But then I'm much stricter with pointing things accurately now as I've got the calculator and find it so much easier to keep track...so that probably has an impact.


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I was pretty strict with my pointing on discover so that could be why.

I feel like the onus is on us more with pp. Perhaps this was intentional.... who knows? Theres a lot more that can go "wrong" even if you stick to the rules. Its definitely a lot more trial and error. I never plateau'd on Discover and I've had more plateaus than actual losses on pp. Just tweaking it as you go and changing things constantly.

I estimated the calories that I would have been on in Discover and Propoints per day (added 7 out of weeklies onto the dailies for calulation purposes) and it came out that I was roughly about 150 calories more on pp (as well as the free fruit that you don't get on discover!) but then again you can do all the comparison you want, its still a different plan based on different NV's

I think 'nanas could be my downfall. I'm going to start pointing them as I do eat them quite a lot. A 100g banana would be 3pp would you believe?! I'm happy enough to stick with everything else being free.. just because I like bananas too much and they are just there tempting me when they are free :p
I think if you weigh and point everything you eat and stick to the points you WILL loose the lb's.
I hardly ever use my weeklies. And if i do I don't expect to see too much loss on my weigh in day(Monday)
I've just started taking MM Pro Max Diet (5pp) shakes in the morning instead of porridge and having some eggs scrambled or hard boiled later in the morning and I've lost 3lb's since Monday.
I also take True Whey protein(5pp) after my 45min gym sessions and have been taking the True Whey before bed now too if I have 4/5 points left in the evening.
Since March the WW PP have been working for me as I need to loose weight but also want to keep muscle and definition.
I'm beginning to look into GL/GI diet and introduce some of that into my eating habits and continue to point.


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I think if you weigh and point everything you eat and stick to the points you WILL loose the lb's.
Thats not neccesarily true.. I'm really anal about keeping to my points and I put on weight last week (my diary is even on the boards)

It can be circumstances outside of food... such as metabolism, exercise, and stress levels.

Getting the right level of food isn't the only factor in keeping the weight off.. however I do agree it is the most important.

P.s energy star... if you are exercising (and not eating your exercise points) you probably should be eating your weeklies.. your body will not be getting enough cals (basically starvation mode) and hold onto all the fat it has.


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I think PP to a certain extent incorporates a basic level of fitness/exercise and movement. There's definitely less of a margin for error too with tracking points, particularly with doubles/triples etc.
Between November and January I lost a stone on pro points. I have a lot to lose and at the time I was also breastfeeding, and was eating 53 points a day. I still lost the weight. Hormonal fluctuations, your body hanging on to fluid, starting exercise,all those can temporarily make it seem like you aren't losing much, but if you follow the plan you will lose a decent amount of weight long term.
have a look at my signature..my losses were the slowest in history,,but i got there in the end and you will too:)actually it's not on my sig lol my first week in ww i lost half pound and did that for about a month but it all added up!!
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I have decided once and for all that I cannot lose weight on 29 pp per day, no matter how much I exercise,a nd am currently deciding on what to do next. Think I'm gonna reduce to 25, then 21, then exante.
If I now gain or only lose 0.5lb it's my own fault, I've had pizza and wine. That I can live with, when I don't break the rules it pisses me off.
I thought to myself maybe i have a few too many points i had 10 left at the end of yesterday and i didn't feel hungry..... i have been using some weekly points on prior days though for alcohol purposes.....


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To be completely honest, I finish most days with points left over. The worst I had was Wednesday this week, where I had 30 points left over. At the weekend it's easy enough to use my points up, but during the week I don't drink since I'm up early to drive to work...and I daren't drink them. I just never feel hungry enough, and I'm not going to force feed myself as I tend to get terrible acid problems when I eat a lot. Rather eat less and be comfortable than eat a lot and be up all night with heartburn.

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