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do you think

do you think,that,if i dont have any syns this week it will make up the the awfull weekend i had.sat and sun didnt eat a lot but did have the wrong things so since mon i havent had any syns,do you think this will help me come my weigh in on sat x

i been soooooo strict with my self since sun,was even going to have a naughty jammy dodger yesterday and had a banana instead AND my oh bought home fish and chips for him and the children and i had a jacket pot with salad and chicken and i never even pinched a single chip.felt so proud of myself(shame i dont have that willpower at weekends:sigh:)
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The weekends are shocking for me too. Not sure if its right but I would cut my syns too to try to claw it back a bit
I think you've got every chance of recovering from the weekend if you're already cutting back. Most weekends are a disaster for me, but I somehow manage to (mostly) make up for it through the week.
well ,i weighed this morning and ive sts.still a bit gutted,ive eaten nothing but fruit this week and have had loads of veg.thought it would of helped not having any syns.need a big loss next week to give me the boost i need.things really slowing down for me latley.been more or less the same weight now for about 8 weeks,give or take a few pounds,grrr.
perhaps i should do a green week,but then tried that also a few weeks back as my weight was the same for a fortnight and it didnt really make a difference:(.

dont know what to do,im having good meals dinner time and tea time i snack on friut or veg usually keep my syns down to about 5 or 6 a day,ive tried all,red,green ee.i know ive been apig the last few weekends but to be the same weight more or less for all this time is frustrating.

im now 11st 8lb, 8 weeks ago i got right down to 11st 6lb and only had 3lb to get to my 3 stone but i cant seem to do it.because i know i was at 11st 6lb im getting even more teasy,cos i cant get back there,

today,im starting a green week and im not going to pick this weekend and have a full 100% strict week and il see what happens next weigh in

sorry to go on
aww hun, youve done very well already. stay positive :)
id say just try different things, like drinking the recommned 8 glasses of water a day usually helps me shift weight, but i dont always do it. also lemon water in the morning and evening are meant to help.

hope u get a nice big fat loss next week !


Just doing it this time
they say, whomever they are of course, that you should have 5 syns a day and not eating on plan properly won't encourage any better weight loss ? Try sticking to plan fully - water - 5 syns and see what the result is.

Good luck.
thanks lovely,just wish i could be stronger at weekends,during the week im prob too strict if anything x
Tha could be your problem doll and the reason you struggle to be consistent and fall off at the weekends. Try aiming for 10 syns a day and even if you fall off get back on the next day and aim for 10 again and just see what happens ;)
ok,from today im gonna drink water have 10 syns a day,ive got green tea so could have that morning and night.
although a friend has asked me out this week for a meal on wednesday and i find that really hard to be good when i go out out,we dont see each other very much,so be good to go out.

doing well so far today though.....and its saturday.....and its only 10.30....so still a long way to go,but for my treats tonight im gonna have a small bag of choc buttons ,4 syns.got chilli and rice for tea all cooking now in the slow cooker and its full of super free.might do alternate days this week too, ie,red 1 day then a green then a ee,keep my body guessing.

wish me luck for next sat weigh in

need a loss this week