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Do You Use All Your Syns???

I've been having a quick look at the food diaries on here and wondered if most people use all their daily syn allowance?

I struggle to use half of mine, although I am often tempted by a chunky bar if choc!

Has anyone recorded their weight loss when you used fewer syns compared to when you've used your full allowance?
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As SW says you must have between 5 and 15 a day, it's protocol to have that many! I used to have mine on a weekly basis, so take the 105 and maybe go a bit over some days, a bit under other days... But as I get more and more into my weight loss journey, I find I'm more relaxed with syns. I might have a day off plan here or there, and not calculate my syns but then just have a couple of days with no syns at all... The most syn-free days I have managed though, are two, and I was OK! Had one today, hopefully having another two or three as I was terrible in the Sainsbury's cake aisle with my stick-thin cousin last night! xxx
I have about 8-12 on average. Today I had 16 but yesterday only 7. It depend what I am doing, whether working etc. But if you don't have them then you may be more likely to fall off plan, and usually weight loss is less with few syns, IT helps with the metabolism .
I use mine; I want to though. I like being able to treat myself. Saying that if I am under the 15 I'm always chuffed. Some days I go over so it balances out over the week.

Use them, that's what they are there for!
I use mine; I want to though. I like being able to treat myself. Saying that if I am under the 15 I'm always chuffed. Some days I go over so it balances out over the week.

Use them, that's what they are there for!
well said lilleece
I really vary - sometimes I'll have only a couple, and other times I'll have the full 15. The days I don't eat all of them also give me a nice buffer for when I eat out and I can't accurately count the syns.
hiya.....this is my first day on SW and have used 3 already, i'm not sure as to whether or not i should keep them to a real minimum just in case i go over at the weekend or just use all 15 today and see how i go in a couple of days.....i know about the flexi syn thing, but id be worried about really over doing it lol...
It depends on how my day is going, some days ive used them all up and some days i havnt had the full 15. Last week i dropped to only 5 a day because i went off the wagon a little bit, but my weigh in went really well. I dunno if it was because of only having 5 syns a day though, who knows!
I think it all depends on your metabolism! Our c told us to start the week with 70 and work down as you have them. Works well for me, I was struggling to have them at all, I am on the red and green plans, but I love my options hot choc drink every night and a bit of low syn jelly mousse or something like that. I like something sweet at night.;)
I'm terrible at using my syns. Some days are fine, some aren't. Syns kind of scare me! I don't really have the urge for chocolate or crisps or whatever. If I do use them, I use them on yogurt (1 syn) or EVOO. I might go over my hexa when I drink copious cups of tea, so my milk is syned. To be honest (don't yell at me!), I don't even really count my syns. That's how few of them I use. So, I would say that I use 5 or so a day. HOWEVER, I DO think it helps weight loss when you DO use them! I must just be a crazy person not to use them. I STS for 3 weeks. But I made a bunch of changes and then 2 came off this weigh in. Yikes. And I did have lunch out one day. And it was good. And I didn't feel guilty. :)

Syns are a very slippery slope for me. Some people are great at using them. If I made a conscious effort to use them, I would be in panic mode all day. How many syns have I used? How many do I have left? What can I eat next and still stay in my syn allowance? That stuff makes me crazy. Just like calorie counting did. When I know they're running out, I freak out. I haven't found a "sane" syn approach yet, but what I'm doing now works for me. This is all about finding balance. I have found my (albeit crazy) balance. Find yours and this journey will be a lot easier - and maybe even fun! (I dread weigh in day...but it's just so damn exciting at the same time!!) Good luck love! xxx :D
I've only been doing SW for 5 weeks so I guess I'm still pretty new to all this but I think it is important to have your syns on a daily basis. Sometimes I have less than 10 but then the next day I think wow, that was good I could have a treat today. I'm still not ready to save them for a blow out - can't trust myself yet!

I haven't got a sweet tooth so my syns are mainly spent on a glass of wine. The main thing I have learnt from this plan is moderation. I have gone from drinking 2 large glasses of wine 4/5 times a week to having a small glass of white wine and lemonade, or just the one large glass of red wine. It's really taught me how calorific my old drinking days were :eek:

I guess it depends on how you would want to use your syns without depriving yourself. If you have a sweet tooth - go ahead and treat yourself every day. If you're a youngster and want to party the weekend away then do so with caution :D There's always a low syn option to choose ... e.g. vodka & diet coke.

What's your poison? Alcohol? Chocolate? Crisps?

Good luck x
I use anywhere between 7 - 15, but more usually between 11 - 15......I need them! :)

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