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Do you walk 30min a day?

I must admit, I swap walking for any other exercise because I cant stand walking with no other purpuse (not going anywhere)

I have been cycling for 30 min almost everyday. When I dont, I make sure I pick my kids up from school on foot (12min walk each way).
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I'm the same - I try and get something in most days - today has just been a 20min fast walk to shops and back.

My usual routine is:
1hr Pilates x2 a week
20mins swimming x2-3 a week
Then just recording any walking I get in.
I walk for about 45-60 minutes 5x a week because I have a dog (a dog walker does the other 2 days), but at the moment I'm recovering from a foot injury so it's a pretty slow walk and I doubt it contributes to fitness much.

I finish my physio end of next week and intend doing 30 day shred every morning on top of my usual dog walking (which will get faster as my foot heals up)
I do, I walk my dogs for an hour every day:).. but it is pretty much like Pudding, not because of any injury, just because I have very spoiled dogs:rolleyes: .. Stop to sniff, lie down on the grass, refuse to move, convince her and so on.. No other exercise right now, but thinking about pilates because I am soft;)

I dont do the 30 mins per day, but i do go to the gym 3/4 times a week and do 2 classes each day, which vary from 1 hour per class to 2 hours per class, prior to each class i also walk 30 mins on the treadmil as a warm up before the session... classes are monday wednesday sunday, but i do go inbetween for swimming and just the gym as well...

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I walk my dogs, but I only get it done about 5 days a week - the rest of the time I just try to get walking in during my daily routine - I also alternate with the stationary bike if the weather is crummy


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Minimum 45 mins exercise each day: 30day shred DVD + cross trainer or walking with dog/pram.
If I am stalling, I up my exercise to 1 hour every day.
I feel I have to take it really easy with exercise because I get tired too quickly (always have). I can't for example finish an hour zumba class ( I can do 30 min then 15min I pretend to do it then I leave 15 min early!). I tried spinning but I though I was going to die even with no load on!

I m trying to build resistance slowly but regularly so I try to do something for at least 30 min a day.


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He suggests starting with 20 mins walk per day... and slowly building up. For the very overweight, that amount is sufficient, and it's far better to become accustomed to moving around more each day rather than having one gym lesson per week which exhausts for the remainder of the week.

Slowly slowly...
I have to admit that I don't do something every day. I go to the gym Mon-Thurs and then Friday play it by ear timewise. Saturday I try to walk (normally round the shops!) and Sunday is my day of rest, but often take the little one out to the park etc. But in between I'm running round after a toddler so I'm not too strict with myself!
Must admit I don't do any regular exercise (apart from pushing a 16 stone man in his wheelchair for about 1 to 1-1/2 hours on a Sat & again on Sun). I know I will have to make more effort at some point but can't seem to get motivated!

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