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Do you weigh yourself during the week?


I have my mojo
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I don't go to class anymore, but when I used to I always used to head to Boots the day before and weigh myself so that I didn't get a nasty suprise the following day!! lol.

I can't resist either...I have to talk myself away from the scales!!

K xx


Lover of Extra Easy
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Don't do it!!
I have, in the past been guilty of weighing in between my weekly WIs but have discovered that the body fluctuates from day to day, so unless you can just restrain from weighing, ditch the scales and weigh in once a week at WI or if you don't do class, at Boots!
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remember that sw is a change for life.. do you really want to spend every week for the rest of your life letting those scales dictate every day? it really could turn you into someone you dont want to be... even if your a smaller person at the end of it..

step away from the scales and chuck em' is what i say.


Margery Dawe

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I threw away my scales around 5 years ago as I found I was always weighing myself.

Best thing I ever did. I can tell what I weigh by how I feel ........ I'm that much of a pro!!!!!


Trying again!!
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This is the first time I think when I've been trying to lose weight that I haven't done it.......just don't have the inclination....probably because I'm not in a big hurry to lose the weight.


Strutting her stuff
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It's simple - if you have no access to scales then you can't jump on them. Donate them to the local charity shop - trust me it will be a weight off your mind! All you are doing is sabotaging your chances of losing weight - not helping them.
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I am guilty too of weighing myself inbetween WIs.. I can't help it! I find it is a double edged sword.. If I have already lost some weight I feel great.. If I haven't I feel unimpressed with myself. If you are weighing yourself you have got to bear in mind your weight will naturally go up and down - when you are on your period you can but on between 1-4 pounds.. eek!


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I weigh myself almost constantly, every time I go inmto the bathroom I stand on the scales, however I know the numbers on my scales really don't look like the numbers on the official scales, but I also know that for some random reason my body suddenly appears to lose whatever weight I'm going to lose on Monday morning! lol

I don't stress about it, I just stand on them... *shrug*.


Still rockin' it
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Yep- everyday! I do SW on-line so have to have scales for my 'official' WI day, but always check in each morning to see how things appear to be.
I don't let it stress me though- I have been doing this long enough to know true body fluctuations and that it is impossible to lose or gain and actual 1lb of fat in a day (eating salty food, not drinking enough water and alcohol bloat are all massive culprits to sudden gains). I find it keeps me in check, so I don't stress about it, but if you are using it in a negative way it could be self-destructive.


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I weigh constantly too and I go to classes on a Tuesday night, I weigh on my wiifit. I find it helps me I dont know why, if I dont do it I go off track. Only do it so often for first 2 weeks on a plan then its less often.


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I have to say since I've been stuck in the same stone for quite some time I am probably guilty of weighing every so often just to make sure I'm going on the right track.


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HONESTLY weighing every day is a dangerous game i TRY my best no to do it. we have a wii fit at home so that weighs but i avoid the body test at all cost every day as i just stress over it. especially if you have small natural fluctuations.

my mam has some pretty reliable scales at hers and even though i will myself not to i go over on a sunday (thurs night weigher) and have a little mid week weigh. it kills me though if i havent lost as much as i want or even gained

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