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  1. daisy2002

    daisy2002 Member

    I'm just wondering if anyone here weighs themselves as well as getting weighed by their CDC?

    I weigh myself first thing on a monday morning & thats the weight loss i go with.

    Thing is if i went by my CDC scales it'd show as tiny losses.

    I lose weight slowly anyway or it shows as such a small lose.

    For example in the last 2 weeks at home on my scales i've lost 3.5lbs & 3lbs.

    I get weighed at my CDC house every 2 weeks. I went there today & i've lost according to her scales 3lbs in 2 weeks.

    By the time i get to her i've already drank 2-3 litres & i wear jeans which all adds on the lbs.

    She has asked me twice if i'm still on track & not eating. :rolleyes:

    Just wanted to see if anyone else goes by their own scales at home?
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  3. Sunshine Singer

    Sunshine Singer Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic

    Hi hun,

    Yes I go by my scales however they are the same as my cdc's.

    I've hidden mine tho to motivate myself and not get bogged down with numbers... just for a while lol

    If you have good scales I'd go with them. As long as you weigh yourself at the same time time roughly then it's all good.

    Good luck hun x
  4. moti17

    moti17 is gonna do it!!

    Yes, I go by my scales too. I get weighed by cdc on a Thursday afternoon usually, and like you say, by then ive drunken loads of water, so its disapointing to see not much loss.
    I always weigh myself tursday mornings, stark naked, after a wee.
    I got a good pair of digital scales, very reliable indeed!!
  5. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    I think your find most of us are like this, why do we do it to ourselves.

    I am a scale hopper.. but nowhere near like I was when I first started!
    Now I go on in the morning and evening, but dont really take much notice until I go for my weigh in. I go by my cdcs scales hers are a few pounds less than mine!

    Your doing fab..... and try not to worry to much about the different scales as long as your losing and feeling your losing that the main thing x
  6. Greeneyes11

    Greeneyes11 Gold Member

    I do weigh myself and obviously I weigh slightly less on mine as I have no clothes on and haven't eaten, but if you go to your CDC at the same time every week you will have lost the same as you would have eaten and drunk the same each week, it would just be the first week that you would have a smaller weightloss. I always go by my CDCs scales as my weekly weight because when I get to goal it will be goal on her scales not mine....
  7. Julie Williams

    Julie Williams Silver Member

    I weigh myself on a Tuesday morning which is the day I started CD but didnt go to CDC till the Fri so always weigh differently on their scales plus weigh at home with no clothes on and just after 1st wee wee and nobody needs to see that lol. I think as long as your weight is still dropping I wouldnt be bothered which are right or wrong (but if yours make you feel better use them my dear) xxx
  8. **sparkles**

    **sparkles** Silver Member

    I weigh myself every morning on my scales. My 'official' WI day is on a Monday, so I take my weight on that morning from my scales as I get weighed in the afternoon with my CDC. Once you add the water weight, the clothes and the trainers, it all adds up! Of course I take the weight from my scales whether it's good or bad-sometimes hers show a much better loss than mine, but I can't have it all ways!

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