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Dobbie does WW!!


I will get to goal .....
Hey guys,

Well, having lost the first stone on CD I decided to swap to WW this weekend as boredom was setting in big time. I love CD and you do get rapid results but it's soooooooo hard being around food and not being able to eat. So I thought that it was better to take action and continue on my weight loss journey using a different plan to shed the last stone than to stick on CD and start cheating which would obviously make me miserable and slow up weight loss anyway.

I'm a self-confessed gym addict and have really missed by workouts so it's been so nice this weekend to have the energy and motivation to get back to it. Also loving the bonus points ;) although can someone please confirm that I'm not to eat more than 12 of my BP per week?

Trying to keep it low carb at the moment so that I don't have a water/glycogen regain from CD and still using my CD packs up (2points for a shake, 3 for a bar) so hopefully by the end of the week i'll have lost something (although a STS would be ok too).

So this will be my little diary thread - hopefully to keep me on track.

Hugs to all
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Im just me!
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Good luck Huni,you will do well,just keep us posted how you do,and still keep private messaging me and this will help each other to. x


I will get to goal .....
Thanks guys!!!



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Yes unfortunately you're only allowed to eat 12 bonus points a week! "Aim to earn more than you eat" it said.
Initial weigh loss on WW whilst doing lots of exercise is also usually less that those who don't exercise, go figure! So don't be disheartened if you don't get a massive first week drop please! BUT the muscle burns more calories and eventually you get a snowball effect, get super slim and very toned!


I will get to goal .....
Oh no!!!! LOL!!!

Perhaps I should give myself permission to sit on my ass and eat all my points then!!! LOL!!
I think maybe instead of running I should cut it back to walking - less strenuous and will hopefully help burn the fat too!

Thanks for heads up!!


I will get to goal .....
Hhmmm.... since sitting on my backside and eating isn't really an option for me I thought I might do 45-60 mins walking on the treadmill with a small incline. Also thought I might do a bit on the x-trainer, slow pace but a moderate intensity. Should burn stored fat instead of sugars. Also throw some weights into the mix - should help build muscle and therefore speed up my metabolism!!

LOL - here's me sounding like I know what I talk about but sat here feeling very blobby!!! :rolleyes: If only everything worked in practice like it does in theory!!!



I will get to goal .....
:rotflmao: one of my more attractive days!!! ;)


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I think I just lost another stone just thinking about what you're planning doing! How many bonus points do I get for getting a blister on my palm.. making flat pack furniture.. honest!!!!


I will get to goal .....
Oh no!! Blisters are the worst hun :(. I hate flat pack furniture, always get myself into a right tizz trying to sort it. Last time BF had to rescue me - needless to say that I had made a right mess of it!!

I did go to the gym last night. Managed 45 mins on the treadmill walking with a small incline. I was soooooo tired afterwards I was asleep on the sofa by 9pm :eek:. That little bout of exercise earned me 2 bonus points which I have banked. Going to try and not eat my bonus points unless I can help it!

Made a lovely dinner too last night. Whole packet of quorn fillets, cooked in a little 1 cal spray with mushrooms, courgette, 1/2 jar of passata some garlic & herbs. The whole big frying pan was 5.0 points and I ate half for my dinner and saved half for my lunch today! Can't wait for lunchtime :D. BF couldn't believe how much I was eating!!


I will get to goal .....
Thanx hun!

I was very lazy last night. No gym for me as I was sooo tired. Think the clock change has really thrown me off kilter!! So cooked a lean roast lanmb dinner for BF and me (which was soooooooo good) and then chilled out.

I'm thinking I need to go lower with my daytime points. Currently using 8/9 during the day and having 8/9 for my evenings, but can't seem to stop munching from when I get home to going to bed :rolleyes:. Really conscious not to go over my points. So as of my next food shop (Saturday) I'll try and re-jig the meals so I'm lower in points during the day. Some 0 point soup will be on the menu next week for lunches and some WW bits/bobs.

Off out for dinner tonight with BF's parents. Just hope that I've saved enough points (saved 2 from yesterday when we found out we were going) and trying to be low point today. But she always serves something high calorie/fat like avocado salad drenched in dressing :rolleyes::( Ho Hum, guess I might just have to owe some for the next couple of days - which I hate doing :mad:

Bye for now
Enjoy your meal tonight - just enjoy it and then try to make up a few points wherever you can.

Do you use up the bonus points you earn from going to the gym?


I will get to goal .....
Hey Chick,

I'm trying not to use the bonus points if I can help it. I'm very scared that since I changed from CD last weekend that I'll have a gain this week as I'm eating food. Too scared to even look at my own scales :confused:. How sad am I!!! I'd love to know what I weigh, but just can't bring myself to look!!!

So, I don't want to use the BPs in case the extra food causes a gain iykwim!! I think I'll follow your advice and do the best I can tonight and try and make it up Thurs/Fri if I think I'm over!!!

Always great to know what someone else would do in the same boat :D
Hi Dobbie,

hope you have a good meal tonight. Always hard isn't it?

Are you off anywhere nice on your holiday? We're away in 18 days so not long after you - off to Portagal, I can't wait!

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