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Dobo's Diary - Diary of a part time dieter !!!


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Well, firstly I hope this is in the right area of the site. I've never actually started a thread of my own.

The clue is in the title really - I am a part time dieter, hence my slow weight loss. I admit it has come down slowly but surely since I joined WW in January but gosh it really is SLOW ! I know the reason why ... its because I either diet for 4 days and eat for 3 or alternatively I diet all day and keep to my points and they "reward" myself with two kit kats on the way to bed !! LOL.

I thought if I confess each day what I have eaten the night before on here, it might just keep me on the straight and narrow. I know I can do it, the last time the WW leader theatened to go through my tracker with me, I lost 3lbs !!

I would really appreciate your support ladies.

Wish me luck.

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Ooooo good luck, hope you can avoid the on the way to bed snacks......these are why your loss is slowing down.
Why dont you save the points you have to leave enough for the Kitkat on the way to bed, that way you are still getting your treat and wont be going over your points.

Its all about tricking your mind.
Well done for confessing, lol - this is the first step to success!

Knowing that other people are going to see when you cheat is definitely a good incentive to be good...I'm sure it'll help you (or at least I hope it does!).

Make sure you stick to your promise though - I for one will be checking here for your daily menu every night! ;o)
Sounds like posting on here every day is a great idea.

And listen to the expert on confession being good for the soul, Marie comes on and tells us all about the pizzas, chicken wings, garlic bread and icecream she has :rolleyes: lol

Saving up some points for your kit kats is a good idea, Im not sure how many points are in one, if its a few would it be worth trying a lower point thing which will still get you your fix? :)

Look forward to hearing how you get on


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Thanks. Bit scared now...it seemed like a good idea this morning LOL ! So far so good today, I'll be back on in the morning to own up to any naughty treats tonight.


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I've just read Marie's diary and it must be something in the air because yesterday was a good day for me diet wise as well. Stuck to my points, no naughty treats and I went on a massive, yes massive, walk last night which must have earned me a billion extra points which I didn't use !! I'm trying to walk for at least an hour 3 times a week because I am taking part in the Edinburgh Moonwalk on the 16th June. Last night I did double my normal route, so about 7 miles and have to say that I feel fine this morning. Here's to more of the same ..

Have a good day everybody.


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Sounds almost like the Johnson upday down day diet to me! He gets everywhere that man!
You walked 7 miles?!! OMG!!! Well done you!!!!!

I'm glad you're doing so well, it's a great feeling knowing that you're actually on your way to where you want to be isn't it...if you keep this up then you'll have that weight off in no time!

Well done you!


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Hi Marie. Yes your right, I've said this before on here but for me, its all about being in control of my weight and not letting it control me. Hope you have a good weekend. I'll be back on on Monday before the dreaded weigh in and thanks again for your support.


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Hi. Weekend has past. Not too bad diet wise but I've been ill so haven't done any exercise. Dreading the weigh in tonight but will be glad to get weighed and know how I stand weight wise (I don't have any scales at home).

Just realised that i've been miscounting my noodle tubs which is a disaster because I had them at least once or twice a week for lunch. Think the labelling is bit sneaky or maybe me who's a bit thick ...

100g made up as directed 138 Kcal 2.4g sat fat
100g dry product 453 Kcal 7.8g sat fat

The tub has a weight of 92g on it and I've interpreted that as 138Kcal ish but worryingly, I think its more like 453+ Kcal !! Big oops !!!

Am i right or wrong ??
errr i dunno, maths is not my strong point, someone else will be able to tell you, i just wanted to wish you luck for your weigh in, i hope you do well!!


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Thanks Foodfairy. Not very optomistic after bank holiday etc and missed class but we'll see. Feel really fat and fed up today so not looking forward to it. Don't think maths or dieting are my strong points at the moment !!
Hmm, i'm afraid I think you have been underestimating them, because the noodles are 92g dry, but made up with water they are heavier, so 100g made up would only be some of the noodles, not all of them :( I think 100g dry weight would be accurate I hate to say! What brand are they?

Enjoying your diary, you're doing great! :D
Oh no, bummer about the noodles! I think you'll find you should have been working out the dry weight...either that or weighing the noodles after you'd made them up and then worked them out per 100g. Never mind, it's done now, no point worrying about it eh.

Come on then, don't keep us in suspense (hehe), how did you your weigh in go!?


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Disaster .... 3.5lbs on !! Guess thats the result of two weeks messing around. Oh well, today is another day. Had 19 points and come to bed so at least that is one good day.

Well done Marie, I see you managed to still loose even after the bad bank holiday week, you must have pulled it around this week. Keep up the good work. I really hope I can report in with a loss this time next week.

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