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doctor signing form any problems?



As my bmi is over 40 (not for much longer) i need to have my form signed by my doctor.Have any of you had a problem with your doctor not agreeing to sign it?

My doctor is one of them that reccommends weight watchers but bloody hell it would take me forever to lose the weight i need to_Oh i hope he signs it,if he says no i might ask for lipotrim which will cost his surgery money so he might sign my form then:sigh: .

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My BMI and my daughter's was over 40. We both got our forms signed by different drs in the practice and had no trouble at all. Neither dr and they are both under 40 had heard of CD
Irene xx


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I would just recommend to take as much info as possible with you when you see your doc. They might be fine, but if not and they dont know about the diet you are better if you have some back up info....did your CDC give you any info you could bring with you?

When I considered LL my doc didnt want to sign the form, and I had to push it with him, but luckily I had info the LLC had given me and when he read that he decided it looked ok and only really signed it on the proviso that I had to have my monthly check ups with him....I think his main problem was the cost though!!!

If your doctor resists, just make sure he/she knows that you know wat you are doing, that you have looked into it and done your research and have decided this is the diet for you. Maybe even say you will come in for regular check ups if that keeps them happy....

Best of luck!!!


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Sadly I did have trouble getting my doc to sign, in fact he point blank refused. I offered all the info to him to read but he wouldn't even look at it, which made me so angry. Fair enough if his decision had been an informed and considered one but it wasn't.

Having researched VLCD myself and knowing my medical history I went to a private doctor who signed my consent form. I have to say at this point that I did actually feel he was a pretty dodgy charachter, and barely read the form and I would not reccommend this route to anyone who has any health issues. Fortunately apart from being overweight I was very healthy normal blood pressure (he did check that) etc.

I certainly don't regret my decision and I have since been back to my doctor to show him the results and once again give him the info in the hope that he may be more educated for the next patient whos asks him......he still wasn't interested!

Good luck.


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Hi Tickle,

My GP had to sign my form. I was dreading it as he usually tells me how much weight his mother and wife have lost at sw!
However, I went in with a positive attitude and all the reasons (health ones) why I should lose weight and he was fine. He even said if I lose the weight he will consider recomending it to his patients.
Good luck.
Chris. xx


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Good luck, I too was wary of going to the doctors (i have high blood pressure). By the time I got there my blood pressure had shot through the roof. However, my doctor listened to me (I did however approach by asking for her help with my decision) She asked me a load of questions, unlike some she had heard of CD but hadnt had anyone approach her in years) She did also asked if I would want to try appetite surpressers instead. But at the end supported my decision and asked that I return every 6 weeks so she could monitor how I was going and my blood pressure & the medication.

Im sure that you will be ok after all you are addressing your weight :)


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I would tell your dr that you have already tried slimming world and weight watchers and you have not been successful and this is your last chance to get the weigh off


sorry i have not been on to answer the post.

Well i went to the doctors and he signed it.I had to explain the diet to him and he actually agreed to signing it.:D .

i was worried i would have to stop the diet.

thanks for all the advice.