Doctor's note?


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Will I need my GP to sign a form before I start? And will I be able to get started before I get the approval? Forms can take a week or so to come back from our surgery.

What happens if the GP says no?

I have underactive thyroid, take Prozac, HRT and most likely having hysterectomy
early next year. GP has previously agreed that I need to lose weight.

I need to get a life here instead of worrying about everything!
Hi Louise

Ok if you are on any medication apart from the pill and HRT then your GP's signature is required on the form.

As long as the medication isn't a contraindicated medication and you haven't got any clinical problems that are contraindicated then you are fine to start.

But if you GP refuses to sign the form and you are on medication then I am afraid you aren't allowed to follow any of the Cambridge programmes.

But you may be allowed to do Lighter Life. According to another poster on here, they accepted her with issues that Cambridge wouldnt.

LighterLife always require a signature from a GP regardless of any health issues or whether you feel ok and aren't on any medication.
I was accepted on lighterlife and have had severe bulimia, depression (bipolar) and a personality disorder and self-harming/suicide attempts. It was I who was accepted earlier this week and my doctor did sign the LL form; the only yes I had ticked was 'is this patient about to undergo any course of therapy'. That was in section 2 which doesn't stop you doing LL but can delay it. My doctor wrote my probs on my form and also wrote down all my hefty meds but she then signed it, so she allowed me to do it, but she wants to see me very often to keep a check on the bulimia (I did abuse xenical and the CD in the past but I was very ill over the last year). I discussed it with my counsellor and we agreed that I am strong enough to attempt this and we will review every few weeks. HTH.
Thanks all.
Just hope she signs it otherwise two weeks of studying this CD thing will have been for nothing! (it did occur to me that I could just not say anything about my meds as it is a low dose but then that would be dishonest wouldn't it...)
Hi Louise,

All the study you have put into this will not go astray as I always find one thing leads to another in life.

It is an anxious and an exciting time for all of us before starting a vlcd as we just hope that this time we will lose the weight that has plagued us for years.

Hang in there and hopefully all will work out for you sooner rather than later.

Love Mini xxx

You must declare your medical history to your CDC. She will provide you with a letter for your doctor, an information for doctors booklet and a form for signature.

I am sure he will sign, if, however he doesn't you will still be able to do the 1200 cal programme.

If you have any queries or problems or if your CDC needs any advice please contact me.

Everything is OK! Got the packs and start on Monday. Am low-carbing till then to smooth my way in!
Thanks for support!