Doctors Orders ! Oh The Pain !


Hi all sorry about the length of this note but I thought I would share this with you. I’ve been on CD now for the last seven weeks or so weighing in at 19st 7lbs however I now weigh 16st 7lbs and things are going well. However last Thursday I ran into a bit of a problem when I got up and felt a bit groggy to say the least ( this is of course after feeling the fittest I have done for years, the diets worked wonders with energy levels etc etc). So off I went to the toilet, no detail but desperate for a number two J only to find I couldn’t go at all. After a full day of wanting to go but not doing so I felt shocking, the following day was even worse when I couldn’t even go for a number one at all ………… then came Saturday !! oh my god the pain !!!!! not forgetting of course that being a man our pain is much worse when we are ill J (that should get a reaction) . So I lasted until about 5pm Saturday and I could take no more I phoned my doctors and was sent to the hospital to be checked out (and believe me for me to go to the doctors / hospital it must be bad, like most blokes I hate the places) ………….temperature fine, blood pressure fine but very dehydrated ? which was a strange one due to the amount of water that I had been drinking. Anyway cutting a long story very short I told the doctor that I had been on CD for about seven weeks or so and this is what he said

There should be no issue going on any VLCD but you must drink loads of water (which I did and still do by the way …. at least 10 pints a day) but then went on to say that he would never recommend anyone to stay on the diet for more than six / seven weeks at a time without having 7 days off when you should eat normally i.e. still healthy, fruit veg, bran etc etc so that’s what I did. On Sunday morning after being ill for four days I had gone down to 15st 8lb but I came off the diet until today. I've been eating brown bread, chicken, veg and fruit with loads of water, I weighed in today at 16st 7lbs ? so talk about up and down (water I would think being lost and then taken back on)

Anyway I feel 100% better today and its back on the diet from today. My target is still 16st for Christmas so I should be OK for that this will then be followed by 15st for Easter and then 14st for July when we jet of to the States for 3 week on the West Coast

Anyone else had a similar experience?
Hi Usa2007 firstly well done 2 u for such an amazing weight loss in just 7 weeks !!
Do u think possibly u might have been drinking 2 much water as u mentioned at least 10 pints of water a day and could of depleted u of necessary minerals and salt in your body which in turn could of possibly made u feel like u were dehydrated.

Sorry i am not an experienced vlcd peep and i could be wrong about how much water is 2 much 2 drink, but i am sure there will soon be someone along who can help u.
Glad u r feeling better take care x
If I were you, hun - I would get some Fibre 89 from your CDC and take it in your shakes/soups - it's a preventative for constipation and highly recommended by CD as such.

You really should be doing AAM every 5 weeks in order to prevent this situation also.

Your temporary weight gain was from your glycogen stores being flooded by carbs - which will soon come off again once you are back in ketosis.

So sorry this has happened to you - it must have been horrible. Bear in mind that CD was devised by doctors and has been proven repeatedly to be totally safe, but it's important to follow the guidlines carefully.

You've had a brilliant loss so far - I'm sure you'll be on track for your targets - hope you have a fantastic holiday!!!

I used fibre 89 at first which was OK, but then decided it was really expensive for what it was and bought some wheat bran which I mixed into soup based crisp mix to make a either wholemeal crisps or usually a tortilla type thing. That worked for me, for very few extra calories.
Im sorry youve had a bad time :( but some people drink 7-8 litres of water a day which is nearly 14-16 pints?I have to drink 8-10 pints a day and Im a 5ft 2inc female who weighs 12 stone?? Maybe upping the water is the key?
I hope your ok now
Well got through day one back on CD again after an awful week and it wasnt too bad at all, had a shake this morning and I'm just about to have a choc bar with a nice black coffee ..............THEN I'm off for a BIG WALK !!! to clear the head.

Need to keep the focus on for Dec 25th target of 16st.

Cheers All

Ps Just thrown away 14 shirts, 3 pair of work trousers and 2 pair of jeans .............they just dont fit anymore ...ROCK N ROLL bring it on !!!!
Hi USA2007

Just a thought, assuming you are now out of ketosis due to eating bread and fruit, will you not need to leave the bars for just now till you get back into ketosis. I know I wasn't allowed the bars for the 1st week of the plan until I was definitely in ketosis.

Well done for getting back on track.
Not too sure on the bar bit but I can say that I went on the bars from day one (it was much easier at work ... no mixing etc) and it didnt give me a problem.

I'll let you know how I get on, day two over and I feel back on track :D . One more long day to get over the start and its back to work on monday, I find it quite easy when I'm working bring it on !!
the bars do contain more carbs and are not advisable for the first couple of weeks on ss, try doing a wee stick on day three to see if your in kestosis, to be honest each to their own, what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another, good luck with your diet, and well done with your weight loss so far. oh yes and only one bar a day is your allowance remember that.
You ok with the Psilly Husks, remember to have extra water if you have them x