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Doctor's visit

I haven't really been on here over the last few days as I haven't been well. Went to the docs today and she confirmed a 9 lb weight loss in just over 2 weeks. According to my scales I had lost 9 lbs at the weekend but I weighed first thing undressed. She said I was doing well and I had made her day which was nice. My BP is up still so she has changed my dose and given me more painkillers for my leg/hip. She said as I lose weight my BP should come down and my leg should improve. I began 30 day shred yesterday but struggled with the pain.
From what I have read quickly on here I see everyone is doing really well. Keep up the good work and well done to all of you.
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Well done on your loss, thats brilliant!! Sorry to hear you havent been well, hope you will be feeling better soon!! Dont push yourself with the 30 day shred, it is pretty tough, i have had to stop again with my hip :( think its just too much too soon!! So if it gets to much dont feel bad if you have to leave it for awhile!!
Thanks Rach. Doctor told to exercise but only do what I felt comfortable with. I was ok with most of the floor exercises and the weights but it was the jumps that gave me pain. Felt in agony last night but not too bad today. However, I have been sat down most of the day. How are you getting on?
I hated the jumping part of the 30 day shred i could do the rest, well i struggled doing the rest but i could do it!! I have started doing the biggest loser on the wii tonight, seems to be pretty good so far, but seems i cant get away from jumping jacks, they are on that too :(


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Hi Diana, well done on your weight loss!! Your doing really well!

As for your BP, I was being checked by the nurse last summer for my BP, and eventally got referred to the docs, and that it when I was prescribed Xenical. They said that my BP was high, but not quite high enough to be prescribed medication, that was the middle of October - now - my BP is bang in the middle of what it should be!!

I'm sure your's will be down soon as you continue with your weight loss. Well done again!
Hiya Diana,
wow congrats on your weight loss thats great news way to go girlie :)
I am sorry to hear you haven't been well...don't over push yourself the 30 day shred is a tough cookie you must listen to your body and only do whats comfortable for you !!
Walking is a great way to lose weight and you burn calories however slow/quick you go ...and its easier on the legs not like jumping jacks or skipping..

Goodluck Diana :)
Thanks Booboo. My leg hasn't been too bad the last couple of days so I might have another go at 30 day shred this weekend. Oh and if I haven't posted somewhere else, well done on your weight loss this week. I still get a bit lost on the forum. Have a great weekend.
Thanks Diana,

Just do as much as you can but don't hurt yourself Hun......glad your legs a bit better....

Had a Chinese tonight a welcomed treat......been busy bee collecting new chickens....
Hope you have a great weekend too xxx

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