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hi guys ive made myself an appointment tomorrow at the doctors to discuss my weight. Not really sure what he can say but i feel i need to talk to some1. I wnt know the doctor as its someone different everytime you go. Fell a bit daft really, can they actually do anything or am i letting myself in for a lecture. Advice needed
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It depends on how overweight you are, and a lot of different things, if you ,mention WW they will probably say carry on with it, as WW is meant to becoming the new doctors 'health/diet' option, which they will refer you too! other than this they may send you along to their own diet club, or see about diet tablets, but these don't always work, cost a fortune and 9 times out of 10 you get horrible side affects.

You've lost 9lbs... then you didn't turn up to ww??? why?!?!

even if you go over plan still go to meetings, if you gain the leaders and everyone there will help you see where you went wrong and the reasons behind it, that's why ww do meetings for extra guidence and support.
i need to lose about 6 stone i think, im just scared i think, ive done ww and sw all my life and i have never been heavier it works in the short term but a some point down the line i will sts or put on for weeks on end and then i give up. I cannot do this anymore

and i didnt go to weigh in, not because i had gone over plan but because i was verbally attacked in tesco just prior to weigh in. I was too devasted to go anywhere
Thing is though i read about the Tesco situation, but giving up and going to Doctors in the hope they can do something better to hurry up the weight loss is just letting the horrid people win tbh sorry but ww is known for a slow and steady weight loss, you've been on it before you say and you know it works, so why change?

The doctors won't do anything unless you majorly over weight.. in terms of ops or anything like that, it will be diets like ww or tablets... both don't give you huge weight losses and tbh even if you did have huge losses it's not good for you, as your more likely to put in on just as quick or even quicker once you have to go back into not diet mode when you get at goal
I think you can lose weight but like many if us struggle to keep it off , may a counseller who does CBT is what you need , you need help seeing why you turn to food , I did lighterlife it showed us why we use food to comfort , as a friend, loneliness etc until we deal with why we eat too much or the wrong foods we will never keep the weight off and that's why they say slow is best as it's about re educating ourselves and making our lives healthy with food and exercise and learning how to deal with life without using food.
NHS have counsellers so maybe that's how your doctor can help you.
Your not huge with 6 stone to lose those people need glasses,but really going fir w in would if showed them that they can't stop you being who you want, that lady who called me a fat pig made me more angry that I'm working to be slim that I used it as a tool to carry on.

We can only do this for us and on thus journey we all have hard times and this us why losing weight us hard as we have to relearn how not to eat when not hungry x
i am not going to the doctors for a magic pill as my post says i need someone to talk to and im sure my doctor could point me to a councillor. I never said i wanted it to come off quicker, imo 9lb is bloody fantastic and ive never said im giving up
to be honest mrs lever i think your actually doin the right thing by talking it through with your doctor especially if you are turning to food for comfort, it could be you may be depressed. The tesco trip was awful and many people agree with you, just look at all your comments, i know i wouldnt have gone and im sure most people if they are honest would not have gone. I think some of the things said are a little harsh we should be supporting people through weight loss not accusing them of giving up.
I didn't say you were giving up, I agree see if your doctor can help, mine gave me the nu
bet of the Nhs counseller and it took 4 months to get an appointment mine wasn't for weight ,as with all things waiting lusts are long but it's worth talking through things with a stranger who can help you.

I don't think anyone here is being harsh we all know how each other feels and we all have different ways of trying to help one another, some go along the real nice route which doesn't always help others the kick up the backside which I've had on here and TBH realised they were right.

If dic won't help if you could afford it seek a private counseller as TBH the NHS ones I had were great and many people said the same as me, also I've gone to my docs make and female and all I got told was eat less and exercise ...... But again it depends on individual doctors Good luck Hun xx
lmfao obviously you dislike my views so ill leave you alone ;) pretty clear tbh all you had to say was shove off ;)
Well Mrs Lever you know Im on your side and what happened to you in Tesco was just awful. When you consider so many of us are on here because something was said or done that affected our relationship with food then if you feel a chat with the doc would help then go for it. I would also agree with dear Starlight tho when she says that maybe you can hang on til after next weigh in.? Its taken me four weeks to reach what you lost in one and I am also prepared for the journey of change ahead and know all you guys are there, so maybe we will be the support you need?
thanks hun wasnt having a go at you it was the comment about giving up and going to Doctors in the hope they can do something better to hurry up the weight loss. As I havnt once said this

thanks boltonbabe xx
Maria - my little piece of motivation lol its the wedding tomorrow dont forget to come and sit on my stairs lol. Im going to the docs just before. I do not doubt that ww works i weighed in at boots and lost 3lb but was waiting till official weigh in before i posted. I agree with all that has been said by everyone which relates to my post. I think boltonbabe just knew where i was coming from because i have never metioned i want it speeding up, a pill or surgery. I have absolutley no need when ww is working so well for me. I just want to chat and work how how to stop undoing all my hard work. On reflection tesco has split me i have only been out once and i wouldnt look people in the eye but i didnt do the usual. I DIDNT come home and use food as comfort woo hoo, its a start
Wow this had escalted. I can see both sides many people presume doctors means pills (prob me too) but you did say someone to talk to. Agree to disagree ladies and mrs lever well done good weight loss. Tescos horrifying but you can show them xxx big hugs xx
Hi Mrs lever, I would certainly go along and have a chat with your doctor. I think size102b makes a good point about counselling, so many of us use food to comfort ourselves, I know I certainly do. It's just a shame that there's such a long wait to get to see a counsellor on the nhs. I think that's why doctors just dole out the tablets to so many people. You had a horrible experience this week and well done you for not coming home and turning to food for comfort, you should be really proud of yourself.
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