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hi all

ive just come back from my doctors as my periods have been going on for the past two weeks and feeling really low as my mum past away last year.

the result was she thinks i have depresion and has given me fluxitine, im off to see my cdc again tommorow. she told me the other day to go on the 1000 plan. but i really need to lose this weight

i really dony know what to do any suggestions :cry::cry::cry::cry:
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Hey LL,

I suffered depression when my dad got sick with cancer for the 2 time out of 4 ( the last finally got him), I had a nervous breakdown in the middle of a Uni lecture.

Anyway, I went on anti depressants and follow them to the letter and you'll start to feel better upstairs in a few days and definitely by the end of the week. if not see you doctor again. You sound very desperate to loose the weight however, if your mind isn't in the right place and you dont deal with these issues you;
1 - may not loose
2 - loose but comfort eat after when you do finally start dealing with the issues.

I do think that you will be able to feel better in a week or so and then try for 100% dieting (just check with CDC) Eat healthily and be sensible with your choices and social outings. You dont and shouldn't be putting extra mental pressure into your senario.

Stay in touch and if you want send me a PM, i'm a good listener.

Lots of Love
thanks brenda
il see the cdc tommorow and see wat she says


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hope your ok hunny, thinking of you xxx


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Hi Hun, I was prescribed fluxitine about 7 years ago after I suffered depression after the loss of my dad. I found that I felt much better after around 14 days however I came off them too early and the problem arose years later in a different form. Do take heed of the advice the doctors give you and make sure you get out and about and not stuck at home. It's amazing how much just fresh air will help clear your head. xx


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hi LL, I know how you are feeling, i lost my mum in october to cancer, and i too was put on fluoxatene, in fact i went on them about 6 weeks after she was diagnosed as we knew from the start it was terminal and i just couldnt cope - i am still on them know, but in a smaller dose, they have helped me tremendously - although i have to say it took me about 4/5 months after i lost my mum to even think about focusing on my weight - good luck hun xxx
but can i do the diet whilst on the pills.


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my cdc and my doctor were happy for me to do the diet even though on the pills, i just had to get my dr to sign the form which she was more than happy to do, she's really pleased with me now i've lost 2.7 stone - hope it all goes well for you x

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