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Dodgy skin Wobbles and CD


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
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Hi Guys,

I've been very up and down lately on CD. I've lost 3 stone, feel great, but my skin is not looking so hot.

Someone else has mentioned their skin on their tummy looks like cottage cheese, and that is exactly what is happening to me.

I have been exercising a lot recently, and I was wondering if my skin will start catching up to my weight loss eventually. or is it time to stop dieting, before I feel even more unhappy.
I actually dont want to stop losing, as I feel maybe another half a stone would be great. But I'm so scared that I will just end up with a mass of saggy skin instead.

Would love to hear peoples thoughts and feelings on this, and experiences.

Thanks, from a confused CDer xxx
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i think its a case of learning to love your body...
I have lost 3 stone too but still have a way to go, but my tummy is awful.
Personally though i prefer flabby skin to obesity....

Everyone says the skin will eventually catch up, so maybe get to goal and then carry on with the skin care regime till it tightens up!

You have done fantastic btw!



Mad as a Hatter
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I agree, I would rather deal with flabby skin that you can tone, than 4 stone of not too flattering fat...


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Mines did start to look a bit cottage cheesy I would say mid way, but its sorted itself out. It started to feel like peas of fat under the skin? But that's went too.

I'll fire some pics up at goal, stretch marks and all.


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I have the same problem and it's really getting me down, I've lost quite a lot of weight and my stomach is horrible, so are my arms and legs. But I'm really putting in an effort now with the exercise and it's starting to show, but it's gonna take a long time for my skin to catch up with the rest of me but fingers crossed it will and then I'll be perfect ;). Just try and stick with the exercise and the creams, it'll be worth it


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Was me with the cottage cheese tummy I have been talking to my CDC tonight and she is confident that the skin will tighten not sir I believe here but I'm going to give it a chance I've been luck with my arms inner thighs are a little saggy too but I would rather that than be bigger again. You just need to give it time don't be too down you have done very well with your weight loss I'm sure it will all catch up


Silver Member
I am only half way through and I am using bio oil and Palmers Cocoa Butter. I want to start yoga to see if that can help and I also need to get back swimming as that has helped with previous weight loss and toning.

I think of the cottage cheese or peas under the skin effect as showing that the fat is breaking down and getting ready to leave me for ever so it doesn't bother me too much (at the moment). I agree that I would prefer to be slim and a bit saggy than obese but firm!

What about something like legs, bums and tums classes or dvds for toning? Or perhaps your last half stone could come off via exercise and moving up through the stages?

You have done really well with your losses though so don't be downheartened.


Shut up Ethel
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I would recommend dry body brushing or salt scrub, plus bio oil or Palmers - but essentially, it takes a long time to catch up. I seem to get good results with a combo of both, but neither one on its own does a whole lot!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
S: 11st0lb C: 11st0lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
A big thanks to everyone who has replied. You all talk a lot of sense. I just needed to read all your opinions.

I really shouldnt be feeling so down. I've lost 3 stone so what did I expect, and your right a bit of loose skin is nothing compared to being overweight. I'm going to keep on going, and keep up with the exercise too.

Big big thank you's to you all xxxxxx
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mine resembles a burst baloon


WILL be Slim!
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i'm another burst balloon here....
but iim making sure it doesnt stop me from getting to goal!
I'm having a real fat moment at the moment....esp when the "lumps" seem to show up in everything i wear...BUT....i'm only half way...so still have time for my body to catch up a bit! and if it doesnt go it doesnt go! it can stay there as a reminder of the constant abuse i put my body through and i will pay the price for that....if that doesnt keep me at maintenance then i dont know what will!
Hope it improves hun...your doing super


A pound at a time
Ditto what everyone says about 'better than being obese'. I have started to do some exercise dvd's this week. Hopefully these will help tone things up so I don't have as much flab left from being deflated.
I read somewhere that for every stone you have lost the skin takes 2-3 months to repair. So I guess if you lost 5 stone your tummy would correct itself in 10-12 months. Dunno if it's true but I hope it is!
S: 17st6lb C: 12st8lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 25.3 Loss: 4st12lb(27.87%)
I hope that is true, I guess I also have the added punishment of haveing 2 kids within 2 years so my tummy has been thru the mill

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