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Dodgy tummy :-(

Hi everyone,

I've been doing really well so far (day 5 ). I don't ever remember this happening before so I'm wondering if it's normal. I've got a tummy ache tonight and keep running to the loo. I haven't strayed at all so I don't know why I've got the runs. Really worried cos I don't want to have to give up. Has anyone else had this?
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I used to get that with the banana shake, awful windy tummy.
I get mystery pains on and off on LL. To be honest I get v constipated. I try for 2 litres of water a day but doesn't really help Hope u feel better soon. Don't let it put you off. X
Thanks Weevikki, these mystery pains can't be anything serious I hope... just our bodies shrinking !!!! Sometimes when I'm in bed I feel little tiny flickers on my back or arms or legs, anywhere really and I've convinced myself they are my fat cells emptying out !! lol (maybe it is that, who knows?)

I feel fine now but it was very bad, almost as if I had food poisoning, which isn't possible as I'm not eating :cry:. It's worth putting up with because I'm feeling great now. I've got class tonight, completed a whole week! I do wish I was 10 weeks into it though, can't wait to see dress sizes drop.... HEAVEN. I just have to be patient and take one day at a time.... I can't wait to get there.
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not got a dodgy tummy, but have got a sharp pain on the left hand side of my body under my ribs :( never had that last time....hope you are feeling better today x
I had this the other night when I was trying to get to sleep! I was slightly confused!


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I had it first time round on LL, erm permanently, lol though the frequency died down, this time its a little better, but not much, still its worth it


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