Dodgy tummy?

Hi all,
this is my 8th day and it has been going absolutely great but tonight I have a really dodgy tummy and feel a bit sick.

Drank my usual amount of water (3.5) litres today but a lot of it was this afternoon and tonight.
I did work out today so maybe I didnt drink enough maybe?

Do you have any advice pls?

thanks so much!!
Hmm... don't have expert advice i'm afraid, but there are a lot of CDC's on here.. so fingers x'd they're along soon. ((Hugs))

Hope it's settled down.
I am trying to remember if my CDC said to avoid exercise for the first week or 2 weeks...

keep drinking water anyway.. if you are losing fluid you'll need to replace it. And you could try splitting your shakes into 6 a day, i've heard this works with some.
I hope you are feeling better today, but i just wanted to say I too was like this in my first few weeks, and it was very bad to the point I would have to run to the loo (lol)

It happens again now if i have a lot more water than I usually manage day by day, and sorry for the TMI but I end up with green water no2's!

A few people did tell me this is normal, and it never lasted more than a few times in one day then I was back to normal! But it is important to get another glass of water down you after each time you go, so you don't get deyhdrated. it does pass and youll feel better when you get on the scales again!!

Also I get a bit of a yukky feeling if i try and drink all my water in one go - like in the evening if I haven't drunk enough during the day and then drink loads in one go, so try spreading it out more during the day.

Hope this helps and let us know how you are feeeling now!
Hiya, Day 8 was exactly the same for me, I thought everything was going to fall out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It lasted for me, 1 day, and I was back to normal from then.

It is something to be expected but speak to your cdc if it lasts more than 2 or 3 days x
thanks for helping you guys,
I'm feeling back to normal today, with no poorly tummy. I have gone back to drinking my water a bit more gradually.

Glad to know I'm not alone, as it's really going so well. So much so, I just cannot believe it!!!

thanks again for your help, hope you are all doing well too xx