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Does a syn free sausage exist?

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Honeyoc, 12 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. Honeyoc

    Honeyoc Is a crunchy mama!

    I've heard a few mentioned, where can I get them? I have a Waitrose, M&S and Sainsbury's near me. Thanks!
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  3. evethewitch

    evethewitch Well-Known Member

    yes u can get on form morrisions eat smart
  4. jerricebenton

    jerricebenton Well-Known Member

    They are from Morrisons Im afraid!
  5. Honeyoc

    Honeyoc Is a crunchy mama!

    Okay thanks, I'm sure I can find a Morrissons somewhere lol. So are they just called Morrisson's eat smart sausages? Thanks!
  6. tfmd

    tfmd Well-Known Member

    You can get sw endorsed syn free sausages etc from Joes sausages...
    www.[B]joessausages[/B].co.uk worth it if a few of you order...A few people do this in work they get a huge order as it saves on the postage.
    I am lucky that there is a butcher close to my house that sells SW endorsed syn free pork sausages....They are lovely too!!
  7. evethewitch

    evethewitch Well-Known Member

    eat smart less than 3% fat sausages
  8. Sarah-Jayne

    Sarah-Jayne Well-Known Member

    Chilled ones only, I made the mistake of buying a packet of Morrisons Eat Smart Frozen Sausages only to find out they were 5 syns EACH!!!
  9. Ninja

    Ninja Well-Known Member

    Oh Dear, That's good to know though. That's the kind of mistake that I think most of us would make....and why not?? They're called the same things after all :confused:
  10. jerricebenton

    jerricebenton Well-Known Member

    the chilled ones are called eat smart DIET, the frozens ones are eat smart low fat or something.

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