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does any 1 have both hex a's

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It's 1 or 2 a's because this is where you get your calcium from, there has been some research to show that diets high in calcium can boost your metabolism and weight loss, so the choice is left for you to have 2 in case you don't eat much dairy.

I sometimes have 2 sometimes not, it just depends on how I'm feeling, if I'm having a day where I want cheese, I will have 2 a's and have it, I have had 2 a's today
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thanks, do you think it affeact your weiht loss? i have seen the research about calcium boosting yr weight loss as it helps to get fat out your body, but could you not do this by having free vlf yogurts?


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If I have cereal for breakfast then that day I use both my HEXA's because I drink tea too and I use 1 HEXA for my weetabix. I don't always have the B choices but on the whole have both A's most days.


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I don't have milk on most days, but because I know I have to have at least 1 a I eat cheese almost every day. It so doesn't feel like I'm on a diet, when I'm eating cheese!

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I have always stuck to just the 1 HeA, but thats just my preference. If I want extra cheese on a Green Day, then I syn it and it seems to work for me.


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I normally do extra easy now so therefore only have 1 but when i used to do green i would always have milk for my tea and grate cheese over my pasta xx
I nearly always have both of mine - one is always milk as I drink a lot of coffee and tea and the other is either milk (if I have cereal) or cheese. It's never affected my weight loss by having two choices.


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I have always worried about have 2HEA as I don't drink milk and I do think that 2 lots of cheese would be too much on a daily basis. I suppose I would have 2 HEA if I was having a jacket potato......YUM


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I tend to just have one HexA (milk in tea), except if I make a pot of soup .... some soups are just extra lovely with some milk added!


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I was told off for not eating 2 a's and 2 b's , she said that it was essential to eat both,so now I eat 2 mini babybels or finn crisp and low soft cheese seems strange I thought if I ate less I would lose more but now I know better,
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I always have 2 A's. I love cheese and I usually have milk in porridge and coffee. My C has 2 cheese A's everyday as she doesn't drink milk and it doesn't affect her.

You don't have to have 2 A's but you must have 2 B's (apparently!).

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