does any one get LT on prescription?

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by jane5, 27 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. jane5

    jane5 Full Member

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if doctors will still prescribe LT.

    I've not asked my doctor because my friend said that because you can get it from the chemist, the doctors no longer give it on prescription.

    Does anyone know if this is true?

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  3. EnoughAlready

    EnoughAlready Member

    Hi Jane5

    No I don't get it on prescription, didn't know you could. I'd be interested to find out tho.
  4. mrs bee

    mrs bee doesn't like the rain!

    I don't think you can but I think we should as it must be cheaper than xenical etc!
  5. Jesi

    Jesi Silver Member

    I am sure I read that someone on here was getting it on prescription. I am gonna ask my GP too.
  6. bex!

    bex! im on my way to slimdom!

    hey not sure bout others but i asked my drs an they sed no an that its cheap enough 2 buy myself. with how much obesity is costin the nhs u wud think gettin this diet on perscription wud b better but no not my gp.
  7. indie.rainbow

    indie.rainbow Loves the jobs you hate!

    I went to the dox yesterday, as Ive been feeling really dizzy, and fainted on Fri.... theyve never heard of Lipotrim!!
  8. jane5

    jane5 Full Member

    Yes Emma, thats typical of some docs not having heard of LT, my baby was IVF and my doc asked me what IVF stands for and how it works..... I cudn't believe it.....

    Bex, the doc thinks that LT is cheap enough to buy, well its costing me £36 plus im still spending the same amount on my food bill cos ive got hubby and 4 kids to feed. It costs the docs when i need strong painkillers and physio for a bad back which i have no doubt is made worse by my weight...
  9. trixiefoofoo

    trixiefoofoo Full Member

    What?! It used to only be avail through the Dr's and mine actually recommends it, as it's done at the pharmacy next door.
    What was his conclusion?x
  10. trixiefoofoo

    trixiefoofoo Full Member

    Jane - same thing with me hun! Our baby was IVF and each time the Dr checked our notes he asked us what everything meant!
    We went private and needed a letter from our Dr's to start and they refused to write one, as they said it wasn't needed?! They can be a real pain sometimes!!

    I haven't asked if I could get it on prescription but they certainly haven't offered.
    I agree - it should be, as obesity costs a hell of a lot more!!
  11. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    It's really unusual for the NHS to pay for someones food shopping and that is what LT would be classed as.

    I know that in some circumstances they pay for slimming world, but it's not for the food, just for the price of the weigh ins.

    Personally, I think it would be wrong for the NHS to pay for the packs. Yes, I know that it's probably cheaper than other things they offer, but I dunno, seems something unfair about people being 'in pocket' because the NHS is paying for their daily grub...albeit diet food.
  12. jane5

    jane5 Full Member

    I'm gonna ask my doc but I dont hold out much hope. My baby has gluten and lactose intolerance and has to have milk and bread and pasta ect... on prescription, and honestly every time i go for the prescription you would think he was paying for it out of his own pocket. He always asks me if shes been diagnosed with these problems... ERRRR YES... you refered her to the hospital.
  13. shrinkingalice

    shrinkingalice Silver Member

    i went to my doctor and they wont pay for it, but on the website it says you can go to specific doctors if there is one close to you who take non practice patients in to do it. i dont know if that means they just help you, or actually give u it on prescription tho?

    CHARLEYSANGEL Silver Member

    I know a lady who gets Lipotrim through her Doctor, and she gets is £10 less than the usual Pharmacy price. I think only certain Doctors will do this, and not all of them know about it

    Clair x
  15. BetsyBotox

    BetsyBotox Silver Member

    Oh I didn't know Doctors would prescribe it. I pay £45 for mine but to be honest I would pay £100. LT has given me my life back, and I seriously couldn't put a price on that!

    I kind of also agree with KD. I wouldn't expect the NHS to pay for my food. I got myself into this mess, so I would prefer to get myself out!
  16. Han_Han

    Han_Han ...

    I did go to the doctors about LT ages ago because I was under the (apparently false) impression that if your BMI was over 30 you needed the doctors to sort it for you. They'd never heard of it & weren't too willing to find out about it - I did push them to look into it & they ultimately concluded that they wouldn't want to lend their names to it.

    I think some people do get it through their doctors, but, I think in general people don't have much luck doing it that way!

    Also - I'm pretty sure the patient still pays for it, it's just that it gets distributed to them & monitored via the doctors surgery as opposed to the pharmacy?

  17. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    The docs defo will not pay for LT ... its like KD said.

    You can be moniterd through the docs, have your weigh in at the docs and then trot off to the chemist for your shakes.

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