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Does any1take their shakes to work in a flask?

Miss M

I will do this!!!
I really hate the tetra packs and was wondering whether anyone made up their packs in the morning before work and took them in a flask. I do not have any facilities to make the shakes up at work and i can't go through the whole work day without having one. I know the packs say i should drink within 15mins of making the shake but my cdc said i can take it in a flask or mix a mousse in the morning and take them to work
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Unfortunately you cannot premake the drinks and take them to work same applies to mousses. They must be consumed within 15 minutes otherwise the nutritional content deteriorates.

Try and get hold of a shaker these are really good and easy to use at work.

hi sorry to say shakes have to be drunk within 15 of mixing ,but what i do is take small drinks topperware with top put water in shake like mad stop realise lid slightly for some reason shakes build up presure ,put lid firmly back on shake again and drink


Need help
Hi ya, :)

I always make up my shakes now in a mug and a spoon. I actually prefer them abit lumpy as it gives it a bit of a texture. But if you dont like the lumps then go more for the soups as I always find that they break down alot easier then the shakes.
Its a shame we can't pre-make the sachets, but as it has been said they do need to be eaten within 15 minutes. Give the soups ago, rather then not having anything at all at work.:) :)

Hope this helps :D :D

Nick :)


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I prefer the soups made in a mug, if you add a little water and make into a paste first, then add hot water and stir then this is usually really nice with no lumps...


Miss M

I will do this!!!
Thanks for everyones help.
My CDC assured me that i can take shakes in a flask, i asked her last night. But i think i will go with the majority.
I take a pack to work and make a muffin in the microwave (this is allowed but we can't bring in our own appliances)

I'll try shaking the shake in a bottle until i get my whisk

Just to say, since Monday I have lost 4lbs yeah for me :)
I am now in the 10 ( 10 12) i have another 19lbs to lose by my wedding in may I think it is achieveable

dont post on here often- am really a lurker I suppose. i ahve lost 26 pounds in 5 weeks having stuck to it to the letter and not cheated once!

In answer to your question.........

I had a false start on this diet and the reason I packed it in on week 3 was because I started to feel very light-headed and felt like my heart was racing abit. Where did I go wrong? Well, I was making up the drinks in a flask and then drinking them 6 hours later. I was trying to do the diet without getting all the correct nutrients in them so now wonder I felt really really poorly and gave up. I put back on the pounds that I lost :( and then tried again about 6 weeks later.

So, by following it as instructed, and 6 weeks down the line- I am really pleased with the results and am feeling good,

forumla millk aint supposed to be made up in advance and mums have those little podwer dispenser things and flasks of hot water. How about doing something along those lines?

i freeze the tetra packs then take them to work with me and by lunch time they are starting to soften and they taste like ice cream (Good imagination required) seriously though they do taste nice frozen. Give one a go.



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I got a whisk thing with a jug that I keep at work for £4.50 from asda

All the staff use it now for smoothies etc so very well worth the investment

The tetra are very nice when really cold so have a go

Good luck with your journey to slimness
Hi ya, :) :)

Totally agree with CTDEXW if you mess around with the diet then unless you are Dr Howard then leave it as it is.

The tetra cold and the jug and wisk are still a great option.

Nick :D :D