does anyone actually eat 6 lauging cows LOL?


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It would cost you a fortune wouldnt it?
You only get 8 in a pack LOL one sitting they're practically gone!
You can have 5 of the light ones thats just as bad!
I cant afford to eat so many.
Cant see in my book the equvilant for normal lauging cows? Does anyone know.
Im not knocking it it's great you can have 6 but i just cant afford that luxury...
Can you say have 3 lauging cows extra light and 1 babybel...
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I just buy the light ones because the normally work out cheaper than the xtra light.
You can have 4 17.5g laughing cows with omega or 3 Dairylee 14g original


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Nope but I have tried to eat 5 of the light ones and nearly made myself sick haha:8855::8855::8855::8855::8855::8855::8855:

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I love the extra light cheese...but then again...I love cheese full stop!!! Lol
I agree though, they are expensive, so I tend to have 3 mini babybel lights instead.


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yea i mix my healthy extras, as long as your having the equivalent i dont see a problem. i cant see a way of eating that many either, onyl ever have them on toast and 1 does 2 slicves with some to spare lol


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i could eat 66 right now. i am starving and have NO food in the house. cant go shopping as waiting in for a parcel with two poorly babies. what a great day i'm having!!


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i could eat 66 right now. i am starving and have NO food in the house. cant go shopping as waiting in for a parcel with two poorly babies. what a great day i'm having!!
Poor you, hope kiddies are better soon. xxx


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Aww thanks Loobylou! The poohy nappies are getting a bit much now!!! sorry TMI!! Roll on 5.30pm when hubby home and I can head off to the bath for some peace and quiet!


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I can't quite believe you can have 2 normal baby bel cheeses, never mind 3 light ones!

I usually only have 2 Laughing Cow ex Light - sometimes a couple more later in the day.


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I mis my HEXa up a bit :)


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i can use them all lol
cos i spread em through the day (just realised the pun there lol!)
i have em on toast for brekkie
and in my mash for tea
and i also buy the 16 pack not the 8 lol


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I eat them chopped up in a salad. feel really unhealthy and creamy, but aren't. Actually one of my diet saviours...


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Ummm i had some last night i used it to stuff my mushroom with and some garlic too...
Im not saying i couldnt eat them but i only can get 8 packs and they're practically gone in 1 day!


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I can't stand the texture of them, and couldn't eat them 'as they are' but I regularly bung all 6 into smash for cheesy tatties, or spread a couple of them like marg on an egg butty. Also great for making cheesey sauces. I soon get through them!

Asda often have the extra light ones for £1 so I grab a few when they do. ;-)


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Last time I went shopping, they had run out of Laughing Cow light which I always buy, so I chanced it and bought Dairylea light. You can have 3 of them as they are slightly bigger than the Laughing cows and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I actually prefer them, they taste much cheesier and I will definitely be buying them in the future.