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does anyone check urine ketones

Hi Jennie
The sticks you refer to are called ketostix and they are about 4 quid for a packet of 50 , basically you pee on them and if you are in ketosis they turn a shade of purple, if its really dark purple you need to drink more water the lighter the stick the better as it means you are not dehydrated.(it goes from pale pink to kinda barbie pink to purple you want pale pink(ish) But sometimes it shows a negative reading if you test at the end of the day as drinking all the water we need to drink flushes the ketones out of your system so the best time to test is in the morning

Hope this helps
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Hi Jennie,

My chemist never checks for ketones but many others do. I have some ketostix but rarely use them. If you are losing then you are in ketosis.

As Genie says you don't want a dark reading coz it means you aren't drinking enough. Test first thing as they are more concentrated then but do drink plenty because you want to flush the ketones out of your system.



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I've never bothered with 'em... the way I figure is that if I'm sticking to the programme religiously & I'm loosing weight then I must be in ketosis... :)
I have them and I have tested today for the second time, but to be honest, my bad breath and my furry tounge and the fact that I am not hungry proves to me that I am in Ketosis! I love Ketones :D Apart from the smelly part lol


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Well i tested at lunch time today (borrowed a stick from work :D great being a nurse lol) had only had 1 shake and 2 litres of water today and it came up negative for ketosis even though im in my 3rd week of LT. So my advice is if you're going to test do it in the morning :)
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i always test nearly every day (even though i keep having great losses) i've just got into my routine when i get up to pee on a stick, then weigh myself...


I will do this!!!
My doctor doesn't test ketones as she once had a woman who had no ketones but she still lost 8st on LT
thanks guys for lettin me know im not going to try them as i am doing so well on LT not caved in once i am in the right frame of mind i keep thinking of what size i could be for christmas i have a lovely dress size 12 i will ge back in that dress one day xxxxxxxxxjenni


on the up lol
my chemist test me so do i at home..
he told me who ever doing LT for you is spose to do it and write it down on your form they fill out.
As the form goes bk to LT people, my chemist follows the rulz of LT a 100% ;)
i always test nearly every day (even though i keep having great losses) i've just got into my routine when i get up to pee on a stick, then weigh myself...

Me too!! Almost everyday - it keeps me motivated knowing I AM in ketosis and then seeing the weight drop.
Got mine from boots - but as someone else said, if I test in the afternoon I'm always negative, I only trust the early morning wee's!!:eek:
Have none of you got the bad breath?