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Does anyone chop and change between SS and 790??

Hi. Hubby and I are on 790 and when he's on nightshift I don't feel like I need the meal. I haven't had a meal tonight and considering not bothering. I have done this on a couple of other occasions but I try not to as I feel that I should be on one or another. Has anyone swapped between to 2 plans successfully or is there no point??

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Hi ya, :) :)

The diet is not designed to swop and change between programmes on a daily basis. Decide what you want to do as you will not get the full advantage out of the diet.
If you are struggling with not eating the 790 is a great program.

Nick :D :D


Have a serene day!!
Hiya TM.,

Icemoose says to stick to one or the other, but I know exactly how you feel.

As you know I was not focused well I have come off the 790 and gone onto SS. Day 4 today and woke up in Ketosis.

On 790 somedays I was in Ketosis and others I wasn't I always knew when I wasn't coz that was when I had the chronic hunger pangs, and today is the first time I haven't had them.

Glad to see someone I know online, how are you doin other wise.

Hi Carolyn,
I'm doing ok. Busy trying to do my accounts just now which is why I really couldn't justify stopping to go and cook only for me!! My daughter was at her dads this weekend so I didn't have to feed her either.

Did I know you'd changed to SS?? I didn't remember that and I didn't know you got hunger pangs before either. Shows how much I pay attention!!! I don't get hungry. Not often anyway. Usually if I do its because I haven't had enough water. So I suppose I'm lucky like that. I'm not keen to SS all the time as I think that's why I find it so easy, because I have a meal with hubby in the evening and 790 is flexible for social ocassions etc.

So how are you doing with SS?? coping without your meal??


Have a serene day!!
Hiya TM.,

Actually better than I expected, I like the strict regime. It was a bit weird to start with, but I haven't been eating properly for a while now, and I finally switched properly onto SS on Thursday, got fed up with myself shilly shallying around so I had to do something so I switched.

I am looking forward to my weigh in on Thursday as Madam Dotty is also my CDC and she knows the hassle I have been having not knowing what to do.

I suppose coz I am now properly in Ketosis that helps.

I do accounts for a living so I know what you are going through, you have my sympathy.

Take care.
God I wish you lived closer. My accounts are due to the accountant as I've been trading a year now and I'm ashamed to say I haven't done any accounts at all this year!!! Just started today. Luckily the 1st half of the year I was working from home and so there's not that much to do. It serves me right though. It would have only taken me an hour every 2 weeks to keep up to date but I kept putting it off! This is the one part of being self employed that I really really hate!

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