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Does anyone else feel a fraud in clothes shops?

It's silly, I know.

But if I'm looking at things in a Size 14 (or even, perish the thought, a 12), I'm scared that someone who knows what size I "REALLY" am will come in, and re-direct me to the 20s, or the Outsize shops.

I feel the need to say "It's ok, I'm not really this size - it's only my body that is. I know I should still buy fat clothes really".

Will my head catch up with my body one day, so that I can clothes-shop with a clear conscience?
I should be proud of what I've achieved.
And I AM, I really am.
But I still can't seem to deal with actually being the size that the clothes labels say I am!
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No, it isnt just you. I still look at the 14s and think "that cant possibly fit" - when the chances are it will. I found myself eyeing up things in Sainsburys this morning in their post-christmas sale, but pulling out stuff that was "old me" and not "new me". I am still convinced each morning when I wake up I will have put all the weight back on and this was all an elaborate ruse.
I too pick up things and think " no way" and am amazed everytime they fit !!

I don't think that ever goes.


Fighting the bulge
Im the same and if someone offers to lend me something i am immediatly old me with the opinion 'but your so much smaller than me - this will never fit!'

I dont like my sister to see my clothes size either, i always think she'll be judging that ive bought small clothes even tho they're too small (she's a size 6-8)


A happy downward spiral
Im nowhere near this happening yet but its something I think about a lot. I worry that when I get down to my 12/14 goal il not be able to shop because....I dont actually know why.... So odd! Even now going from a 22/24 to an 18 Im so embarassed to try the clothes on in the shop incase they arent right and they girl says to herself "obviously they wouldnt fit her" Eeeek. Scary dramatic girl much haha.


Now to maintain.....
nope not just you hun!!
dan and the girls bought me a top and skirt in size 8 for xmas.....i shouted and told him he was stupid,would have to go back etc...got forced to try them on and they are lovely!!
got £60 secret santa money to buy new clothes in sales...saw combats and cardi's i loved but only had in 8 or 12,14,16......i was dithering about wether i thought the 12 or 14 would be best to pick up....dan makes me try on 8's.....perfect!!

but going to pay for them i was nervous and thinking god the cashier is going to have a right laugh watching me buy these!

its weird...my head just cant get out of that mindset and i always but always notice 14 and 16 my old sizes first!!
I think when you have struggled with your weight for so long, you sort of accept that you are a certain clothing size so that when you start to lose weight and drop sizes, you can't believe the smaller clothes will fit.

At my heaviest (and at 4 foot 11) I was buying size 14 clothes. It too me at least 1 1/2 stone weight lose before I went into a size 12 clothes - probably because I had been squeezing into size 14's for so long when I should have been in a bigger size.

This Christmas, I have bought clothes in size 10 and still find it hard to 'accept' that they fit without feeling a fraud.


Ela ine

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Definitely not just you hun! I've only lost 13 and a half(!) pounds so far, but my shape is really changing.

My Mum bought me some new pyjamas today in a size sixteen and I was like 'these will not fit me I am an 20.
I genuinely thought I was a solid 20... Despite the fact that I got some size 20-22 work trousers just two weeks ago! But now I've actually tried on a smaller size... I'm desperate to keep having a check!! Eeeek xxx

Oh p.s the pyjamas were over my jeans!!
P.p.s awesome job on your slinky sizes :D
You're definitely not alone! I think it's definitely a mindset that takes a while to change. I was busting out of my size 18 jeans before SW and I bought a pair in size 12 this weekend - despite having tried them on in the shop I had to try them on again when I got home because I kept looking at them thinking "they'll never fit!".

I think also the type of clothes you buy slowly changes too, but very gradually. I was a big fan of low end high street stores before because they sold shapeless tunics, plain tees and hoodies and other garb I could hide myself under. Now I find more feminine, pretty and dare I say trendy pieces working their way in to my wardrobe! We should all embrace our new shapes, even if we do feel a bit fraudulent :)

Clo xx
My cousin has something which she says to herself if she is ever in a situation where she doesn't feel confident - "I have a right to be here".

Sounds daft, but it works for her!
Thank you all for your supportive comments, and making me feel not alone!

Reg - I think that's my problem: I don't feel as though I do have a right to be at the Size 12 rails!

And I know you all seem to agree with me about not believing you are the size you are - I have that all the time.
But in clothes shops it's more than that, somehow. It's actually feeling that, whatever my body looks like, that's not the real me, and I should be marched back out to the Outsize shops!

Anyway, thank you. I think all I can do is try to get my head round it!

And Clobow, I agree. I was all for cheap and shapeless before. Now I actually like things that show off some shape, cos there's some shape there!

So I'm a mass of contradictions - wearing some figure-hugging Size 12 - 14s, and loving the impression, but being scared to be seen in the shops that sell them! What's that all about?
Just being a mixed-up ex-fat-person, I suppose.

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