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does anyone else feel pressured not to have a gain?


Now to maintain.....
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i used to feel like that (im at target now)....but i took it as a good thing to be honest.
i joined slimming world and that 'pressure' i felt to lose made me complete my journey as quickly as i possibly could.to me going to group and having that feeling is what you need and vital.
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I suppose it depends what motivates you? For me its a waste of money and effort not to give it 100% rather than what others think!
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I suppose its the competetive thing really. You have to be happy with your own weight journey. My losses havent been as good as many others but I accept that because I dont like veg that much so am doing the red/green plans and I think that is why I am averaging llb a week. Having said that I have lost 7.5lbs in 4 weeks so not too bad. Please dont let the pressure stop you going to I T as I think it is such support to keep going Hope this helps
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I've never felt pressurised not to have a gain at my group. My group is very supportive and if someone gains we all try and help, provided they want that help. I have found it so good to be able to say "I gained and I don't know why" and then get huge amounts of help... :)


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I do feel pressure to do well, as the C goes around and asks everyone how their week has been. I dread the day I have to say I gained X. But having said that my group members are so nice and supportive so I think it's more my fears rather than the group effect as they would be so nice about it. x
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I'm lucky as i've a great group and great consultant. She is still attending her SW group as well and tells us at the start whether she has lost, gained or maintained. I dont feel under pressure as we are all in the same boat and everyone at some stage will have a gain or maintain.
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I feel massive pressure..
as I've had great losses in the past, my C keeps pointing the fact out to new members as an example of "you don't just have to have a big loss the first week.. " etc..
this makes me feel like a failure if I don't have a fairly big loss each week..
this week I lost 2lbs but was dissapointed because I'd only lost 0.5lbs the week before so I was hoping for a much bigger loss..


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Jack - I know what you mean - I've been put up as an example many a time and sometimes it gets annoying.

Do I feel the pressure (or rather felt the pressure) to have big losses - the "reach for the stars" thing te consultants seem to go through last year was there to encourage people to do their best and really give it 100%. but in truth - the only pressure is that which we put on ourselves. None of us like a gain, and we'd all like large losses every week - but sometimes blips happen, and sometimes we won't get the losses we want to. But working towards whatever targets we have will get us there eventually.


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Yes but isn't that why we go to a group? If I didn't have the public weigh in and then the image therapy, I might lose motivation through the week.
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I don't care what others think really if i sts gained or lost, but its what i think would be important. If i turned up for WI this Thursday and had gained i would be devastated with myself(though i know i haven't as my butt is smaller lol) . Anyway our group is fantastic as is the consultant and she is great and for those who have gained she doesn't point fingers she asks what happened and how they want to go about the next week and theres no pressure at all, its very relaxed.
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We all get to the end of the journey eventually, some take the motorway, some take the scenic route, just enjoy the journey that is the most important thing. No point in eating stuff you dont like in order to lose more weight. I could do EE and eat stuff I dont like, yes my weight loss may be quicker but I wouldnt enjoy my food. We are all different, you will get there in the end and we are all human. All our bodies and metabolisms are different. Just keep thinking I will get there in my own time. Sending hugs:hug99::hug99:


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I think we all feel pressure when we have a gain, last week i gained 1/2 and i was gutted, after stopping for I T i felt much better about it and have been 100% focused this week. I think we put the pressure on ourselves, but staying to I T is so important as it lets us put it in perspective and get much needed support.
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I agree I think staying for I T is essential really, well it certainly is for me. The classes arent cheap and I feel if I just went to be weighed well I could do that at home. You are paying for the knowledge and support of the consultant and you pick up so many tips from others.
Most people who have gained dont end up staying for image therapy.....which is sad - but quite obvious.....!!!

I stay whether i have gained or not....i pay for the whole class, not just a weigh in + go home event.

S: 12st10lb C: 10st6lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 20.9 Loss: 2st4lb(17.98%)
Ellebear, my sentiments exactly. Like to get my monies worth and I know my c likes everyone to stay if at all possible. I think its nice for her too when people stay to her I T.
I don't feel pressure as such...as in not from the members of the group, I do feel pressure from myself but in saying that I have had gains through the year...no-one has ever made me feel bad about it and I stay whatever the scales say ;)


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Most people who have gained dont end up staying for image therapy.....which is sad - but quite obvious.....!!!

If there's ever a time to stay to group - it's after a gain - especially an unexpected one.

That said - I've only ever missed two image therapy sessions - loss, gain or maintain. (once was because i was in serious pain and on my way to A&E, the other was just after being told I was going to be made redundant).

Image therapy is all part of the plan in my opinion. It helps to listen to what others are doing and how they cope with lifes events.
I totally agree Ian - but most people dont see it that way.

I think the IT is pivotal to my own success. I rarely miss it and i chip away slowly and am still going. I think i would have given up if i didnt love my group and plan.


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