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Does anyone else find SF makes them constipated?

I've been on SF for about a month now, and I'm finding it is making me really constipated. I'm struggling to 'go' every day and feeling really uncomfortable. My surgeon (I'm down to have a gastric bypass) has given me Xenical which are known to cause dioreah but they don't have any effect. I feel like I'm trying to give birth every time I try to 'go'. Anyone got any tips or had the same problem?
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Slowly but surely!
Im having this problem too, as well as others, I was just hoping it was my body getting used to the changes but if you still have it after a month maybe its not.
I took a Xenical with my second shake yesterday. It kind of 'got things moving' a bit. Hubby said there is some medication that helps relieve constipation without causing dioreah.....anyone know what it may be called ?

I'm trying to eat a bit more fruit between shakes. See if that helps, although my fluid intake is not good, so perhaps more fluid may help, even if it does make me pee like a racehorse :giggle:
Gerry, before I started having a bit of a reaction, I was having some bean-based tinned soup, and that could help. Was amazed at how substantial they were and yet few calories. Also have been eating a couple of pieces of fruit most days, as you mentioned.

Hope you sort it out.


Carpe diem, baby!
fibreclear, fybogel, senokot fibre sachets, fibre sure or plain old psyllium husks from Holland and Barrett and the like...
Would you mind telling me what soups you have body mass index?
Would be great to have a low cal soup for those really hungry moments!
Hello, Missal. My local supermarket is a Sainsbury's and I've tried a couple of their soups. One was in a pouch, in their Taste the Difference Range. It was chorizo and bean, and only 164 for the serving (I had it with a bread roll, brown bread for dinner). The other was in a tin and was something like bacon and three bean soup.

Both were delicious, and I think that the Taste the Difference one even counted towards TWO portions of vegetables. However, I've not been able to find it again, must be too popular.

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