Does anyone else find


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Hi Leighann, that's because your body needs carbs to replenish your glycogen stores! It's just telling you what it needs :)


Yes the next day after I do areobics Im hungry...........VERY
I do them Tues and Thurs so Im hungry from weds to satd :eek: BUT the exercise makes me feel fab


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Yes it happens to me ! I am not actually hungry I don't think but do crave them. My LLC said its because normally we would draw on the glycogen supply in the liver and there isn't any ! I just keep on drinking the water !:D


Gonna be a 10!

I do!
I've just started jogging myself and only done it a couple of times but every time I've come home and the toaster has been calling to me to toast some yummy granary bread and smother in peanut butter lol!!!


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Thanks guys. I thought I must be going a little crazy, so should I eat the carbs my body is craving, or should I not? I am on the 1500 CD plan and will be moving to normal low GI eating next Thursday. I am wondering if I would be doing my body harm by not having the carbs it wants, as long as I make sure they are low GI carbs that I am feeding it. Does this all make sense!!!!




Hi Leighann

You would only really need high GI carbs if you were doing two high intensity workouts within 8 hours of each other, and even then you wouldn't need much of them. It's recommended that you have a small portion of protein and carbs as soon as possible after your workout, but this could be a low GI cereal bar, a piece of fruit and a bite of cheese - it's totally possible to pick something that fits with your plan, whether it's the 1500 cal or a low GI plan.
This is really interesting as I've just started going to the Gym last week 3 times and once so far this week but everyday I'm feeling very empty/hungry and it's driving me demented as I've never felt like this before on CD and I broke down last night (didn't cheat) but had a big cry and think that I'm gonna start an AAM week and maybe move up to 790 plan as I don't want to get to the point where I have a big cheat, and don't want to stop exercising as this is a good habbit I want to start getting into.


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I experienced this when i was training for my ride, i would get in from a long ride (more than 2 hours) and just be soooooooooo hungry! I found the trick is to eat something low-mod GI that fits in with your plan, of a normal 'snack size' (eg ONE piece of toast), have a big drink of water (at least a pint) then go do something else, and only have something else if you are still hungry 30 mins later! Don't eat a mountain of pasta, thinking 'I need it' cos that is just the old Chatterbox playing tricks on you! I have to tell myself 'being a bit hungry is ok, it's not going to hurt you', cos otherwise i get v v panicky!

I still do long rides, exercise dvds, Pilates and kickboxing, and occasionally run (but i don't like it, i'm trying to learn to like it!). When I was SS, all I did was Pilates and walking, and just doing this helped me get into the exercise habit, which i've definitely got now - I got back from a 400+km charity bike ride in India 3 weeks ago! Pilates is great, it really changes your body shape and gives you a flatter tum. I could NEVER have done as much as I do now when I was SS!