does anyone else get pain???


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Hi Greentea

i havent had any pains at all. Have you started to exercise or anything like that?

Hope it improves soon for you

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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No - no pains, in fact never felt better in my life then the months abstaining, nor have I heard anyone complain of it either.

And to be honest - I cannot see what possibly could be blamed on the diet, for what you described. Nutrition does not make a back ache....etc. Sounds like your doc is just down on this diet. I'm no doc, and could be wrong - but I would not give that much credence myself. :)


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My ribs and back do niggle occassionally. But I don't think it's part of the diet. I'm sure it's the excercise I'm starting to do. Plus, I pulled a muscle in my stomach the other weekend when I went out dancing (well I think I was moshing when I did that!) and I think that is still playing me up!

Hope you feel better soon GT!

B x


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I've just been really tender everywhere, like when i lay down it's sore all along the side i'm laying on. It's so frustrating, also I bruise terribly now so I constantly look like I've been beaten up lol.

Huge hugs.
Emma xXx


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I've had back issues for quite a few years, but recently I'm being crippled by sciatica. The pain in my leg is sometimes unbearable. I'm not blaming LL - but maybe the shift in weight has bought it back. Who knows?

Hopefully it will get better soon and stay away when I'm carrying less weight.

I sympathise with your pain :(


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i think the doc was saying that maybe just with the rapid loss i was maybe holding myself differently, i also have a very physical job so maybe my muscles just arnt coping with having the bulk behind them who knows, im sure it will be better soon xx


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That could easily be it - I get achey more now than ever, and put it down to the fact I have less fat cushioning me... my knee has really started hurting when I put weight on it - and turns out I've got a tracking problem in my first knee joint.

I too get some chest (ribs etc, rather than breating etc) pain, back pain, and I think it's posture - haven't started properly exercising yet - start on Saturday, so hoping building up some muscles will help... I do feel a bit weak and woeful sometimes, and have no strength.

When I get really sore, I just tell myself it is my body shrinking and it makes it so much more bearable!!

A x


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I told my LLC last week that I had loads of bruises and did she think it was anything to do with LL. She told me that perhaps my centre of balance had changed and made me more clumsy!! Perhaps the same theory applies to pain!!

B x

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Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Actually Bek - LOADS of people on here, including myself, at one point or another noticed a massive amount of bruises - and not necessarrily from any hard hits - I was pruning a tree and just the pressure put on my legs while pulled a robe to bring llimbs down place a huge bruise in each location...and that was just from pressure.

I don;tknow why it happens - but it does - and it does pass.

That makes more sense GT - I thought you meant her concerns were from a nutritional point of view. You definately may be holding your body differently for loack of weight and a different balance.

Hope ou feel better in any event. :)


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the bruising is a known side effect of being in Ketosis but it will pass don't worry.
I've had back pain from 4 prolapsed discs for over 10 years but it's not been aggravated by LL.
I think you may be sore as a result of ketosis but there's no reason for the pain you're experiencing being linked to LL.
Hope you can get to the bottom of it and ease it soon xx


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How can your Doctor really think that?

All these articles which imply being overweight is the worst possible sin - and your doctor says that.
You said you have a physical job. I have found thast as I've lost the weight yes, my centre of gravity has changed and balance has had to re-adjust a bit (I have
stopped carrying around an 11 stone person) and I am definitely more energetic and doing more things.
I've had a back condition for years, but even after 4 hours gardening on sunday, plus shopping etc.have felt no pain.
Also had plantar fascitis (policeman's foot!) when I started LL -couldn't put my foot to the floor. It's completely gone and now I can and do wear high heels.
R e s u l t !!
I did this weight loss to improve my health. It has worked beyond my wildest dreams.
I hope it will be the same for you too.
A footnote:
My GP and Practice Nurse were both a bit sceptical at first. They are now recommending it to others.............