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Does anyone else have 'A Bad Day'?

I guess it's habit that's making it tough but Friday nights are HARD!!

First week I thought was down to being the 'first week' but last night - WOW - I even begged my OH for a piece of chicken out of his curry! :mad:
He kept saying no and then asked if I REALLY wanted it, I said yes and he moved the fork closer and closer to my mouth and then...pulled it away at the last sec!
My mouth was actually watering! How sad :eek:

He's absolutely right not to give in to me and I would've regretted it this morning but just wondered, does anyone else have a day/time each week that bothers them more than others?
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Hi I am now in my third week, and I have the same problem it is very hard , i am not hungry but just want to eat. i just leave the table when i get like that and think about the clothes that i will soon be wearing.


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Hi TFF, yes, here's your friend! Friday and Saturday nights are killers for me, I've posted on here before about how I miss my glass of wine and nibbles on these nights.
Here's a tip, last night while Pete had a beer and pecan nuts (and he's really good, he'd wait till I go to bed, but I insist he has them)
I do any kind of nice beauty treatment that I can do in the living room. (moisturise my hands or feet etc, just to divert me and keep my hands off his nuts, if you'll pardon the expression!!) :D
hahahahaha that's funny !! good idea though...i have taken to pampering myself alot more, the money i would've blown on wine,takeaway,crisps,chocolate etc i use to buy a nice beauty product as a treat and it doesnt half make you feel good, try it ! my problem is boredom in the evenings when the boys are in bed and i am just sat here with nothing to do. when i feel a bit depressed 'suffer from depression' i also feel like giving up at times but thinking back to how unhappy and miserable i was before i lost weight it stops me! made me more determined and now i am on my last week.

it takes time but it does become easier although i dont think the feeling ever completely goes away it just becomes alot easier to deal with, you find your own ways of coping that suit you, i have a hot bubble bath,pamper myself with some nice moisturiser,get into comfy jim jams and make a nice latte with ice 'vanilla shake,spoon of coffee and lots of ice' then settle down to watch a dvd or just come on here and it takes my mind off of things.

stay strong, it will get better and just think of all of the nice clothes you will be able to fit into....you have the rest of your life to have that bit of chicken from that curry but not many chances to lose this weight and keep it off because once you fail it is harder to come back and it will be a vicious circle, just keep it up, stick with it, you wont regret it



I will do this!!!
I think you should say a big thank you to your OH. If it wasn't for him your thread today would have been "Help iv cheated!!" but your not alone i think everyone on here has a bad day probably more times than they want to admit! i know i do!!
I am with you on that one. I am on week 3, and have found it tonnes easier, BUT Friday nights (used to have take-away) are the hardest, closely followed by Sunday lunch-time (mmmmmmmm roastie).
well done for not cheating hun i must say i dont know on how hard it is as i am only on my first week but i know at the minute when i want food i look at why i am doing this and dont give into temptation. stick with it hun we are all here to help.


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Saturday afternoons..wierd i know... but me and my youngest have a sleep around 1 until 3, as my eldest stays at his nan(dont normally get much sleep) and after waking up we use to go out for a late lunch ball pit and icecream.. sometimes i miss it ..but i wouldnt be this size now if i kept on doing it!!!
I love your husbands tough love...my kinda man xx
Saturdays and Sundays are hardest for me but like everyone else has said, it's out of boredom. Just gotta keep yourself busy and it'll pass.


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I find all different times hard, the hardest are times that I'm not used to not having food in.
For example in my first few weeks I cried every dinner time, but now I'm used to not eating at dinner time.
But I went into town with my cousins, and usually we'd get junk in the cinema, and a crepe or chinese food after, and I just had tea in the crepe house (as did they, lil sweeties). Speaking of my cousins...here is a link to an article about them in the Irish Times.
It's A all the way for identical twins - The Irish Times - Thu, Aug 14, 2008

Aren't they amazing!!! I am so proud of them.

Anyway, I found it really hard not to have a crepe.
Other times I still find a bit hard is if Paul and I have been out and about after dark, doing shopping or whatever, I expect to eat when I get home, that is fading now tho.
I was never a socialiser, cos I felt too fat, so Fri/Sat nights are not a problem for me.

The weekends are hard for me - as they are for a lot of people

I think it's because I work mon-fri 9-5, so I have some routine



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I havent had much of a problem until last night,I made my OH his tea and he had thai prawns,God,the smell was beautiful.Sunday night is our Chinese night,thats a bugger!
Gotta keep myself busy x
I have found that, before I may have thought about having a drink once in a while, but now I think oh I could have gotten drunk tonight and had a right laugh, but if I am honest I think its because i CANT do it, whereas before its because I just didnt feel like it.

I have sat in the car while my OH ate a McDonalds, with such a guilty look on his face, I have sat through my mums sat morning fry up, with mushrooms!!!, I have set through a chicken curry, I have sat through pizza, and I am only on day 7!! It was hard, but as I said to my OH yesterday, I havent eaten since Sunday night, think of alll the things you have ate since then, I have had none, and I am still here! Gave me the boost I needed, but it also showed me just how much I want this! Mushrooms are my favourite, and I sat watching them eat it and I done it!

I have realised, last night my OH had the chicken curry, from the chineese, I said to him instead of me sitting in the living room saying to myself I bet its lovely and guessing how it looks (which is sooo silly lol), I said I wanna see it, he looked at me as though I had just asked him to kill me lol, but he put it out, and I seen it and thought mmmmmmm, went upstairs brushed my teeth and got into my PJs came back down stairs, and although I could smell it, it wasnt so bad!
hi girls,

Cathy your funny. Well i woke up this morning having sat through every favourite food of mine in the last 3 days and sick adn crying for teh last two days and hey presto i feel great! Im thinking it was the carb withdrawals cos i loved my carbs. Going to bed last night there was no way i was going to do week two. Every evening i was so sick i always said i owe it to myself to sleep on it and thank god i did. had a good moan on here last night so that diod me the world of good! Tommorrow is weigh in yipeee!!

Thanks for all yer support


Wanna be....sexy!
I know Sunday is a hard day for many,sunday roasts,my usual chinky night etc. so I reckon we should have a "well done,slap on the back Sunday",well done to all of you who have been good and resisted temptation x

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