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Does anyone else keep it to themselves?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by LisaIris, 19 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. LisaIris

    LisaIris Full Member

    I'm just wondering if anyone else keeps their SW journey to themselves.
    I'm on week 2 & I've only told my husband & one of my friends that I've joined SW. Previous experience has had me being bombarded with people (friends & family) constantly asking "how's the diet?", "should you be eating that?", "are you ALLOWED that?". It all gets a bit much to listen to so I thought I'd keep it to myself to avoid the questions.
    I am aware that this does present its other issues, I'm just hoping that I can train myself to make the right choices when out with friends & not succumb to temptation.
    How does anyone else deal with this?
    Thank you
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  3. *HelenMarie85*

    *HelenMarie85* Full Member

    My hubby knows that i'm doibg and my friend as I looked at her SW books
  4. I certainly keep it to myself. But then I keep most things to myself. Telling other people things only gives them the opportunity to interfere!
  5. lovehearts

    lovehearts Silver Member

    I keep it to myself purely because I know I'll get the usual "why are you eating chocolate and crisps if you're on a diet?" comments. Not worth the hassle lol x
  6. kikaroo

    kikaroo Silver Member

    My mum knows because we're sort of doing it together (we live 35 miles apart so support each other over the phone), my friends and colleagues know I'm trying to eat healthier, but they don't know I'm doing SW
  7. miss.mooey

    miss.mooey Full Member

    ive told as many ppl who will listen so im more likely to keep at it rather then face the embarrassment of telling them ive failed...

    as for ppl sayin 'are u allowed that' (mostly my husband lol) i tell him that hes seen the weight coming off so i know what im doing, and what im doing is working.

    i think its up to u whether or not u tell ppl or whether u can say to the ppl u tell that yes take an intrest but please dont harrass me about it... each of us has different ways of dealing with dieting - i no sw isnt a diet as such but until i get to target to me its a diet
  8. Rochelle1

    Rochelle1 Gold Member

    I kind of wish I did this with work, gets on your nerves on a Thursday morning (I weigh on Wednesday Eve) and everyone is asking how much you've lost. Especially this last couple of stone which has taken a bit longer than the first lot! And then if someone brings any sweets or biscuits in they are all 'oh I won't even ask you' well what if I did want one?! All gets a bit overwhelming, and I sometimes wish I'd just kept it to myself
  9. BlodynAur

    BlodynAur Full Member

    My boyfriend (who I live with), my mum and one friend - all the people who know at the moment and that's how it will stay for as long as possible. I just couldn't bear the pressure of people knowing that I'm trying to change myself, again. Plus, all my friends are naturally skinny and tend not to understand when I mention weight issues!
  10. Purple-Ney

    Purple-Ney Full Member

    The first time around I did tell a few people in work as they were doing Sw or ww too, but then I fell off the wagon and had to face these same people. This time I was keeping it on the down low but I'm pleased with my loss so far and I'm getting compliments so I am a bit more forth coming. When it comes to treats I cut them off before there is an issue, controlling my syns at home turns out I have more will power than I thought.
  11. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

    I just told my husband and mum to start with and then as people noticed I told them. I think I don't want the not again comments! Now I tell anyone who listens I am a bit of a sw bore!
  12. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    I did at first but it got to the point where people were noticing and asking so I told them. It was funny because even people at work who I didn't know but had seen me around started to comment and ask what I was doing . That felt a bit odd at first lol :)
  13. taylorwantstobetrim

    taylorwantstobetrim Full Member

    I eventually told everyone around me. I'm not particularly bothered by this, I find it quite amusing when we are out for dinner (for example) with friends and they say "how can you possibly be eating that and still lose weight?".
    Gives me a chuckle!
  14. mrsbibbs

    mrsbibbs Member

    My family knows and my husband does but only because he is doing it to :) plus ive lost a lot so its noticeable xx

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  15. BugFace

    BugFace Full Member

    Work know, and my online buddies know but i don't announce it because the hypnotherapy thing gets poopooed. Work only know because i do night shifts and my eating habits are all over the place!!
  16. smackiejackie

    smackiejackie Member

    I keep it to my self generally. I say I am healthy eating but dont want people asking me' what have u lost this week' etc :)
  17. Barbie Girl

    Barbie Girl Full Member

    Nobody knows. If I told my husband he would go mad, I attend group and he would get angry if he knew I was spending £5 a week on being weighed. Plus I find it easier doing this on my own because if others knew they would be asking "how's the diet going?" all the time and I would be constantly screaming "it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle!" Plus every time I eat something that isn't rabbit food people would be nagging. So I am doing this completely on my own for peace and sanity!! :)
  18. sazzlepants86

    sazzlepants86 Member

    A few people know I am doing it and my partner often asks "Are you allowed that?" particularly if it's a glass of wine! He's been very supportive though and will look through the SW cookbooks for ideas for meals for us both.
  19. RM07

    RM07 Silver Member

    Initially I didn't want anyone to know... especially from the playground. Went to a meeting across town and in walks two of the mums I know so the cat was out of the bag before I even started! After a few weeks I told a few people but only people I knew wouldn't be constantly on my case. After a month I told my mum and after three months I told my dad. Now a lot of people know and to be honest they really aren't that fussed... sometimes someone will ask me how I'm getting on but I still get offered cake, biscuits and doughnuts. It's only when I politely decline they remember I'm going to SW!
  20. mrsbradbull

    mrsbradbull Member

    Lisalris my hubby n I are doing it together but I've only time my two best friends n a few family members as I find I feel really pressured otherwise x

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  21. AnnBee

    AnnBee Full Member

    During previous dieting attempts I've told a lot of people and even posted my losses on facebook each week to try and keep myself motivated and accountable. It was also nice in the fact that because people know your trying to lose they aren't afraid to comment and say that your looking thinner. The downside is the looks people gave me when the seen me again after I'd went off the wagon and piled more weight on.

    This time round only my hubby and gran know and that's the way it's gonna stay for as long as possible. I think I want it more this time so the motivation and accountability I get from group is more than enough for me. I'm seeing this time round as a deeply personal journey because this time round my weight is affecting a lot more areas of my life.

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