Does anyone else NOT want to be a size 10?


Got a life thank you!
I have been thinking a lot this weekend about where I want to end up and really don't think my initial goal of size 14 is that far off where I want to end up.

I just can't see myself as an 8 or 10. I can see myself as a 12 or 14 though but feel under pressure to get right down to under 10 stone which I just don't think is where I want to be.

Anyone else?
I am honestly not bothered about being a size 10.
I cant see me getting that thin - I've never been that thin not even when I was at school.

I will be very happy to get to 9 1/2 stone. That will make me a comfortable size 12. (I have quite a big frame).
Hi Flopster,

I think you should stop where you are most happy with.

I find that sizes in clothes vary so much:confused:

At the moment I can wear from 18/20 down to size 16 and I know I have loads more weight to lose.

I have size 16 in different makes in my wardrobe and they would not even look at me right now:mad:

The main thing is not to let anyone pressurize you to losing any more weight than you feel is perfect for you.

I would love to be able to wear a size 10/12 some day again:rolleyes:
You might find it changes when you get there! AKB & I have discussed this on our thread as she wanted to be a 14 down from a 32 & I wanted to be a 12 down from a 20. She's now 10,7 and a small 12 and I'm 11,0 and a standard 12 and we both want to keep going...

Wait & see & keep your goals fluid. If you get to a particular point & you're happy it would be silly to keep pushing on just because you wanted to see a certain no. on the scales or a size on the hanger but also don't stop at the size you said before if you feel another size would be better. It's all a matter of judgement!

Hope this helps!
Love xxx
Mmmmm, I feel 'cuddly' is me, so i can't really imagine being less than a 14. I know I will have to see how I go but I really don't want to be a skinny 47 year old with more wrinkles than you could shake a stick at!
I am not aiming to be a size 10, I would be quite happy to get back in my 14s (I am 5' 10") and think I look OK at a size 14, although I didn't think so when I got there last time;)
AKB and Anja, do you have any photos, I'd love to see them!

Im just going to take it 1 step at a time, I'd love to be ten something, the lowest I've been in about 7 yrs is 12 and a half and Im now 14s 2.

I can not visualise myself thin at the moment, I know I am on my way to slimdom but its getting my head round it too.
I totally agree with Bakerfa, at the start of my diet I longed to be a 12/14 but having got here I now feel I'd like to get a bit more off. Don't get be wrong I'm thrilled to have reached this size but I still look in the mirror and pics and my bum and legs are still chubby.

You shouldn't feel pressured into being a size 8/10, while it suits some people it doesn't suit everyone. I like my curves which is just as well cos I'm very bottom heavy. If by some miracle I did shrink my bum down to size 8 (which I don't want to) I reckon Id be so scrawny on my top half that I'd snap in half.

I think you'll know when it's time for you to stabilise and it won't be due to a particular size clothes or number on the scales, you will just look in the mirror and feel right. Don't let others influence you either cos you'll always get people telling you you've lost enough.
I wish I could say I didn't.. if I did, I would be telling a BIG fat lie..!:eek:
I'm with you, Flopppy!

I think as you get older you worry more about looking 'scrawny' if you get too thin and I simply don't think I'd look that good being a size 10 at my age (I'm 50 in January) - and certainly not a size 8!

I'm now a comfortable size 14 and would be very happy being a size 12 (which I am in some tops already) and aiming to lose no more than another 1.5 stone to get to 10 st 7 lbs or thereabouts as I think that would work for me at my height of 5'6".

Of course, I could re-evaluate that as I get closer - but I simply don't want to be too thin as I personally think women do look better with a bit of a curve to them (and firmly believe men agree with that too *lol* :rolleyes: )
I dont want to be a size 10!!!!!! I'm quite tall, 5'10", and although not big boned, I do have quite wide shoulders. I look fab when I'm a size 12. I was already starting to look a little gaunt when I got down to a small 12, so I know that I look good as a size 12. Even a 14 isn't too bad! I'm a small 14/ big size 12 at the mo, and because most of my clothes are a size 12, I need to lose a bit more... A comfortable size 12 is just fine for me! Also, my BF prefers me with a bit of curves, and says that a size 14 is fine for him. But, we have to do wat feels good for ourselves, and so he doesn't have too much imput in that! LOL!

I do find that I'm more curvy when I'm a size 14, I actually have a waist and hips... When I'm a size 12 or lower, I seem to be a bit straight up and down... I'm hoping with some gym work I can improve on that!
I would be happy to be a standard 12 in most shops. I hate the way sizes vary between shops. I'm a comfy 14 and hope to get down to a 12. I felt great this summer in 14s, luckily weather hasn't been warm enough to parade around in bikini but watch out for next year!
I would be lying if I said that I don't want to be a size 10, but I think that I will be happy at a size 12. I don't remember ever being smaller than a 12, and I remember feeling slim then. I am between a 14 and 16 now, down from a size 22. I think that it is a case of I will know when I get there. I would rather stop at a 12 though if it means that I can maintain that weight without it being too much of a daily struggle (I know that maintenace will be hard anyway though!) rather than having to stick to really low calorie intake to maintain at a 10.

I think, as others have said, that we are all different body shapes and have different bone structures. I have quite big wrists and ankles (sounds very feminine!), I definately don't have "dainty" features. I am also "blessed" with a G cup bra, and even at a size 12 I know that I won't have lost much more off my bust. I think that if I got to a size 10 I would look really top heavy.

I guess it isn't so much about the size on the label or the number on the scales, but when you feel healthy and confident in the way that you look.

I guess it isn't so much about the size on the label or the number on the scales, but when you feel healthy and confident in the way that you look.

Well said dawn, it's going to be different for all of us and the most important thing of all is that we're happy with the way we are :D
Hi F

I'd like to be a 10/12 (always bigger on top) but that has me at 10 and half stones or so which is a comfy weight. According to most charts I should be 10 stones 2 at the max, and ideally should be around 9 stones but that is way way too light for me and I look silly at that weight.

I'd be okay at a 12 though - could cope with that!

As I have never been a size 10 I have no idea what I will look like or what weight I will be. At the moment I am a 24/26, so I am just aiming for to be a size 18. I will take it from there.

In fact I can only just remember being a 14/16.

I don't think dress sizes matter really its only a number, its how we feel that's important.
Hi everyone

When I started CD last September I weighed in at 21st 7lbs and was in Evans size 30 trousers and size 32/34 tops - and anything tailored would never do up properly! My height and hip measurement were identical at 5'4" - I was the true human weeble:eek: I can't ever remember being happy about my figure - when I left home 21 years ago, no heavier than I am now, I thought I was really fat (thanks Mum:mad: ) so getting fatter didn't matter. My first ambition on CD was to get into a size 16 apparently (I don't remember saying so) as it was something so unattainable I just couldn't imagine it and I certainly had no happy memory of being that size/shape.

I weighed 10st 7lbs this morning and am still struggling to get to under 10 before I start maintenance. I have strangely skinny arms and legs but 2 very distinct "aprons" around my middle, one above and one below my waist and they look hideous but I hold it all in with Sloggi tummy control knickers - but I still look like I'm pregnant!!!

As for clothes sizes - well every shop is utterly different - something I was completely unaware of as I'd only shopped in Evans for years and I'd always bought clothes on the basis that they covered me rather than I liked them!

I can now wear most store trousers/skirts (Next, Tesco, Matalan, Dunnes, Dorothy Perkins, Primark etc - you can see I'm a cheap and cheerful gal!) in a size 12 but the latest hipster cut isn't the most comfortable.

Tops are anything from a 12 to 18 depending on the fit/cut/style etc., top sizes seem to be a lot more random than bottoms! I'm a 34FF bra down from a 46H.
Oh, in my opinion H&M is the worst shop for sizing - utterly random across their ranges and everything is teeny weeny - I'm still a size 18 trousers in there:mad:

I'd like to lose these stomach rolls etc but fear only surgery will achieve that - or a lot of sit ups which are never going to happen!

Other than that I'm fairly happy with how I look, I'd realised long ago I'm never going to be skinny enough to have a belly button ring or wear a bikini and my arms might be thin but I have bingo wings like nothing on earth and am a bit sad that I can't wear sleeveless tops etc.

I know that I'm currently obsessed with the numbers on the scales and am desperate to weigh 9st something but logically I know it won't make any difference to how I look. Whilst on holiday at Easter I stopped CD and gained 19lbs in 10 days (it was a GREAT holiday!!) and although I nearly died from the shock of seeing that weight I realised I was wearing exactly the same size clothes (albeit a tad tighter) so what the scales say isn't really important, it's how you feel about yourself and how happy you are in your clothes that counts!!!!

Ages ago on the DHH thread we were posting about our hopes for VLCDs etc and I said I wanted to have a gap between my thighs right at the top and I do - hurrah! DevonBabe said she wanted to be able to see her muff without bending over or using mirror - which made me laugh and I wish I'd thought of that too - but sadly my "apron" has put paid to that!

Anyway, enough of my blethering, well done to everyone as this dieting lark is really hard and we don't get enough pats on the back!!!!!

Lots of love,
Thank you everyone for sharing with me! There are some truly inspirational stories on this thread. I am glad I'm not on my own not wanting to be a size 10, realistically my boobs are probably not going to get much lower than a 14 or 16 as they just don't seem to be shrinking at all. I would like to get to a size 12 or 14 bottoms.

In terms of stones - I don't recall ever being under 11 1/2 stone so that is my goal at the moment. If I were to really wish and dream I would love to get under 10 stone but actually think I would look to thin.

Right now, I want to get properly into the next stone down (because I was .2 of a kilo off she wouldn't chart it) and then see if I can break into the 11 stone somethings - that would be just amazing.