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Does anyone else on SW eat seasonally?

I have started to try to eat seasonal fruit & veg as much as I can! This also means a lot of it is cheaper as it isn't imported & I often use local farm shops etc. something I'm quite passionate about.

It's a great way to vary your home menus & get lots of super free yumminess ;)

I'm also looking to start growing some of my own - one it'll save money & two it'll give me a sense of achievement!

Obviously I still keep frozen veggies for emergencies & things like bananas have to be imported but if I can go local I do :)

Just wondering whether anyone else is mad like me?! :D


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We grow a lot of our own veg and salad in the summer but need to get the hang of winter veg and also need to improve successional planting, we get lots of apples, pears, rhubarb and strawberries... in reality we need a bigger garden! i try and eat as seasonally as possible with the fruit and veg that we buy but with two tiny ones i must admit that i still buy soft fruits for them, but mainly seasonal veg wise
Yes, I buy my food at a local food co-operative and they stock just seasonal food.

I think it's weird that you can buy strawberries and other berries in the supermarket when the season for that has been over for ages.
Yep I do :)

My biggest one is asparagus. I only eat British and thoroughly enjoy it during the 8 weeks or so it's available. It annoys me immensely when I see recipes in magazines in winter which use asparagus!

Strawberries are another one. I eat them when they are British. I pick lots of blackberries in September and freeze them for the winter.

I grow blackcurrants, redcurrants and gooseberries and these get frozen too. I am very much enjoying satsumas and tangerines right now, okay they are not local but they haven't come that far. I'm also a big fan of British apples.

When it comes to veg, I do buy things like tomatoes and cucumbers all year round, as well as lettuce.
We are lucky to have an allotment so I grow a lot of potatoes, onions, squash etc. Not enough to be self sufficient but enough to help us out.

The thing is, people expect to be able to pick up asparagus, strawberries, courgette etc all year round - so Tesco provide them. If we could only get seasonal veg then we'd adjust our recipes accordingly.

I actually think, through no fault of their own, that a lot of people don't actually know what is seasonal and what isn't.

I'll get off my soapbox now.......
Great to see others do it too! :D

I do agree that there are some things that have to come from the aisles but I just love the range of veg that can be grown in the UK!

And I love the experimentation it brings - I'm a huge fan of cooking anyway (one of the reasons I love SW) but the variation is amazing!

I'm loving squashes at the moment! And I'm a great believer in a varied diet - funny how the heavier food is winter food, eh ;) The thought of eating salad in winter is just terrifying!

Just need to convince my landlord that digging up the garden is a good thing!!

Omg! Im not the only freak lol!
I think the seasonal stuff tastes better and out of season stuff I try to get preserved stuff, like tinned tomatoes, frozen berries or pickled onions. Cheaper and more at home with nature. God I sound like a hippie! But our food used to change all year round. That's why we have such specific food at Christmas. It was celebratory food made with what was in season at that time. I almost feel food is getting boring now; same stuff all year round. We've lost touch with the cycles of nature and it's a shame. I agree, English asparagus dipped in soft boiled egg is divine!

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