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Does anyone else torture themselves?! (Food)

Even though theres no food at all I can have as i'm doing ss, I look at recipes, watch tv where people are eating - right now i'm watching an experiment where a women gets to eat whatever she wants!, and I go onto other threads like atkins and ww and look at what people are eating. I don't know why I do it, thought i'd be keeping as far away from food as possible!

Does anyone else do this or am I just very strange?
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Yes me too! But do feel in control which gives me a buzz.Ive just got back from taking my son to watch hotel for dogs(very good) whilst watching my oh & son ate popcorn & chocolate & crisps.You might say how cruel of them to eat in front of me.But guess who took all the food for them?
I have just come back fron the town with the kids, who had got lunch from Burger King. I made my oldest daughter eat her burger like you see people enjoying them on the adverts so i could watch her!!! It was torture, but for some reason i had to do it! It's crazy!!!!:D
Yup watching TV programmes & drooling over my Hotel Chocolat catalogue are big addictions at the moment. I think it's because it's giving me my food fix, but without using any calories.
Oh I am the same been watching all the cooking programs, even been cooking hubby his meals.
Been really hard when he was eating crisps & choccies
I have stayed strong, I will do this
This is a really weird and scary thing going on here, there must be a name for it lol, I am exactly the same. I make my OH really nice meals and cakes and then like to watch him eat and smell him, (oops did I go too far lol) I cannot stop watching those food programs and whilst shopping the other day, I stood right in front of the extractor fans outside Asda blowing out all the bakery smells, pretended I was searching in my bag for something, what the heck is wrong with that?

Never mind at least now I know i am not alone, thank you so much Minimins at long last I feel kinda normal and not the only nutcase out there lol.

Lisa xx


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Yep me too. Cant help it., but I am finding I am planning nice healthy meals for when I get to the end, and can maintain, which is not a bad thing


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It's like living vicariously through other people, isn't it? I'm exactly the same, I'm suddenly really into all the cookery programmes. My mum says I'm torturing myself, but it satisfies my hunger and cravings!

Does anyone else sniff food to satisfy their urges, or is that just me? :p


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OMG yes, I often go into Tesco and sniff the cooked chicken.
Yes, I know, I'm a lunatic!!! But is smells soooooo good. lol
I never miss an episode of come dine with me!
I sit there with my stomach grumbling all the way through!!
Thats what Im watching now!!
i`m a waitress,so food is around me everyday!I get a sick satisfaction from watching the customers stuff their faces,especially if they are on the large side!Does that make me sound horrible?I think its because i`m proving to myself that i do have willpower and self control and i`m improving my appearance.I sniff the food all the time,but not one morsel will touch my lips!
I love watching the food programs!!! I only get hungry with smells, so watching something on tv doesn't bother me, and I'm actually finding that I can't wait for when I'm slim so I'll be able to cook the healthy recipes on TV... and thinking of buying some nice healthy cook books...
i seem to be transferring my foodie feelings into providing lovely things for other people...! I've cooked things that i would never normally try from recipe books for Big G and Erin! I've made roasts and soups and pasties (pastry from scratch! unheard of!!)

It's as if the foodie feelings have to go somewhere!! Bizarre!!

Also find myself cleaning the house more..... i did the oven yesterday!


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OMG were all mad i go through my fridge and take lids off things and smell them, when making dinner for the family i love to smell whats been cooked it seems to make me feel better about not eating lol, But when it comes to watching my family eating it all becomes to much so i go for a bath and leave them all to it.

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