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Does anyone else ver use HEX's as a meal?

For example, when I have had a real craving for crisps or something crunchy I've had a pile of crispreads (4 or 6 depending on type HEX B) with laughing cow extra lights (HEX A)

Very quick, very easy and fixes a craving.

I normally cook and prepare fresh most meals, but this is my little lazy concession.

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What is a HEX. Sorry i am new to this and I use my bread maker a lot and need to know if I can still eat my own bread. I generally only have a slice a day in any event.


Just doing it this time
Yep, I love 2 heb's - 2 x 800g loaf - toasted with a banana smashed onto it - with fruit on the side with yogurt. Scrumptious - as a lunch.

Also have the crispbreads with sild - smashed up and heated in the microwave - equally scrumptious.

AND I too have two weetabix at any time of the day - as a meal - lovely.


Serial Foodie!
big fat cheese salad sandwiches with light salad cream. im rather addicted and have it almost daily! never gets boring :)


Plodding on.......
Ooooh yes. Tonight - pack of ryvita minis with laughing cow light triangles. Then fruit for pudding. Yum yum !
I sometimes save mine for a nice creamy ready brek (with milk) in the evening, I'll add a yogurt to it to make it bigger and more filling, and add some fruit to it too.... really keeps those hunger pangs away.
It's OK to use your own bread as long as it is whole meal and you only have 57g as a HEX(b).

Yes when I made my own wholemeal bread I was told this. I make by hand though rather than breadmaker (I find it therapeutic).

57g is approx 2oz - not easy to achieve with just one slice of self-made wholemeal;)


Plodding on.......
Steve, that's great that you make your own bread. I wish I found cooking therapeutic. I hate chopping up vegetables........!!!!
Steve, that's great that you make your own bread. I wish I found cooking therapeutic. I hate chopping up vegetables........!!!!
Thanks for the compliment:p

But just to confirm you don't need to chop vegetables to make bread:D

So sorry, the wicked imp inside me meant I couldn't let that one pass;)

Maybe I'm getting sad in my old age, but I even enjoy chopping veggies! - I'm actually enjoying the whole SW experience - and that includes the plans, luchtime 1.6 mile walk every day, 5+ mile walk each weekend and all cooking/preparation.

Maybe I'm a frustrated chef?


Plodding on.......
Ha ha ha ha ha !!!! Made me laugh out loud.

Now you can see why people say I'm not a great cook !

Glad you're enjoying the whole thing. Me too. Although I haven't yet started exercising but it's on my list. I love the feeling of being fit and really want to start running again (well run/walking for now). I just need to figure out how and when to fit it in to my day (around chopping vegetables for my bread.................................................)

Gail x
For my lunch the other day I had the HEXB Ryvita topped with quark mixed with HEXA goats cheese and scallions. I then topped that with smoked salmon and cucumber.

It was amazing!

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