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Does anyone else hate this diet as much as I do??


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Im on day 11 and so so miserable - not having an "off" day - I just hate this diet. Ive felt like this since day one really and keep waiting for it to get better - but its not. Im feel really down, really miserable - Im doing my best not to show that at home though, because its not fair on everyone else - this is my choice.

Im so lethargic, Im USELESS, I have to battle with myself to get up and do the simpleist of tasks - just day to day running of the home. My house is really suffering (and I normally HAVE to have an orderly, clean house).

Im not doing this long term - I've said before in my diary that I am in complete awe at the sheer determination, self control and will power of those who are - I would consider myself and others would consider me to be very determined but I have to admit I could never, ever do this long term. I think some of you out there are truely fabulous. An example. I played with the idea (In the first day of LT I think) of coming back on it and doing it for the month of July - to loose all remaining weight but I will never put myself through this complete torture again. Never. Ive said it before I feel like this is the most sadist form of punishment I could ever inflict on myself.

I am in ketosis - FINALLY hit it on day EIGHT, which was so hard because I expected it by day 4/5. Im not exactly hungry (sometimes) but just so low. I said I would do this 100% tfr for 3 weeks and 3 days and then 7 days refeed (then I've a wedding) and being as stubborn as I am, I know I will, its not a choice - Im going to do it. 11 days in - 15 to go. I am counting the days constantly. I go over it a couple of times every day. Im completely wishing the time away which is so so sad as my baby is so small - I feel like Im wishing away his life and Im wishing away my lovely maternity leave.

Im completely unsociable - I cant go ANYWHERE, not only because of food but because I feel so crap and tired. I dont want to have to think of excuses as to why Im not eating etc.. because I know that most will think Im nuts for doing this and if Im honest, I think I would agree. If I did this long term my kids and husband would suffer.

I know this is desperately negative. Im sorry. I dont want to put down the diet or anyone who is/ has done it and I dont want to put a newbie off trying. Its just me. I have seen with my own eyes the astounding transformation people have accomplised through LT, completely life changing for the better. These people are obviously better than I am. It does work - that has been proven time and time again. This is just my personal experience and I've seen others cope brilliantly with it, expressing a new feeling of happiness, well being and energy so dont take my rubbish on board.

I just havent seen anyone despair over it as much as I have so I MUST be in the minority.

LT works for many, Calorie counting works for others and so on... I think ww is for me..

Im sorry again. 15 (well 14.5) days and counting..........
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Hiya Nikki,

I totally get what your saying! Im only on day 5 but i feel soooooo down and miserable, not all the time but for a few hours a day im ok then i get so depressed and im constanly thinking about the first meal i'll be able to have. I've got about 5 or 6 stones to lose and that seems like for ever till then! I just keep thinking, if i can stick to this for 5 days then surley i can do any other diet and stick to it.

I got weighed today and have lost 6 pounds but i just think is all this suffering worth it? I read that people can lose a stone in the first week and im a bit gutted with 6 pounds. I know it wasnt a full week but id still expect more.
I dont know if im physically hungry or if its just mentally hunger?
Oh i dunno what im gonna do!!

Hope you fell better soon xx


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Clair -Oh thank you!!I really felt like I was the only one struggling - as most seem to appear to be coping so well - some even loving it!!! thank you for being so so honest.

I understand completely what you mean about loss (well done btw) on day 8, I weighed in and lost 7lbs,which yes, is good for a week but I KNOW first week is mainly water and sugar and I had, from reading other posts expected so much more..my expectations were just to high. Maybe if I had a good weigh in I wouldnt be so deflated now.

I could have wrote your post too - feeling ok for a couple of hours and planning meals,think I have a weeks worth of menus in my head for after this...


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Awww hun......dont forget you have a baby to care for .....that alone is blooming hard work, let alone doing this diet.......a lot of people dont even make it through the first week.......at least you are determined to stick to it for your set amount of time.

Chin up xx


Doing it exante style :)
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Nikki, maybe we should stick together and be the only 2 miserable people on here lol

Just wondered, how soon can you go on refeed? do you have to reach your goal first? and do you still lose weight on refeed? I just wanna eat something lol


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Ah sonks - everytime I have a rant/ am feeling sorry for myself - you pop up from nowhere where with lovely posts - what would I do without you, hey? ;-) thank you xx


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Clair - your hilarious - LOVE, love, love the idea of the two miserable sods of LT!! :D Victor Meldrew will have NOTHING on us. Honestly though - am really glad I "found" you.

I am a serious odd ball Clair, you'll think Im nuts but very, very stubborn. I said I would do this for a total of 3 weeks and 3 days and damn it I will - even if it kills me!!!. SO, that would mean that (as I've almost 11 days down) that tomorrow 2 weeks (Saturday 12th June) I will be refeeding for the week. Im just figuring I COULD drop (hopefully!!!) nearish to a stone in that time.

after those 7 days of refeed, Im taking two days "off" - I know not very sensible or correct but I dont care. I have a wedding on the Sat - which Im going to eat and drink what I want and am then having Sunday off for my hangover (where I know Ill want crap)

(Actually, seen as this is 100% tfr - could I please had this thread moved out of consideration to others please??)

Im back IMMEDIATELY on weight watchers then to loose the remainder of my weight. Im going to do ww kickstart for that week. This is the plan anyway, I did ww a couple of years ago, after my daughter was born and I lost 7stone in 10 months so I know it works. Just wanted to do this for a couple of weeks to speed things up as am unexplainably depressed about my current size.

The LAST thing on this earth I want to do is encourage you to throw in the towel and quit LT. That was definately not the intention of this thread. However, if it really, really isnt for you, that you've been feeling this way without me moaning on you are more than welcome to join my "big plan" - ONLY you can make the decision. x


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apologies to all 100%'ers - I have mailed mini and asked her to move this thread to the main forum.
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Hi Nikkih, sorry to hear your not having a great time of it so far.

This is my second time to do Lipotrim and i'm really struggling this time. Found it a lot easier the first time. Once you hit ketosis it makes it easier on you but i think time has a lot to do with it too. I was the same, just wishing each day over but the longer i was on it the more enjoyable it became. I started not even thinking about food and making dinner for everyone else was easy. It did annoy me if my daughters wouldn't eat or i'd find myself constantly checking to see if they had enough to eat. I cannot cook to save my life, didn't even have an interest but by week 3 or 4 i found myself browsing the internet for really tasty healthy meals that i could attempt to make. The fact i wasn't eating didn't even bother me.

This time i just cant get into it. Really struggling with it. I've broken it so many times but i think I've finally got into it now. I just keep telling myself its not forever. Apart from the weight loss, the best thing you can get from this is learning to appreciate food. I'm a late evening muncher. Anything i see I'd probably eat it due to boredom. I haven't reached the point of appreciating it yet but the longer you stay on it the clearer it becomes if that makes sense. Right now i'm still thinking about chocolate cake but by the time i finished it last time, all i wanted was proper nutritious meals.

The first week i lost 6lb's which i too wasn't impressed with but by 3weeks i'd lost a stone and i even managed to have a bigger loss of 9lb's on my 4th week! Still amazed at that myself since your supposed to have the biggest loss in the first week but i guess everyone is different. I think whats really going to make this seem worthwhile is when people start noticing that your losing weight and your clothes are too big, both of which will happen before you start your re-feed.

Maybe try going for a short walk or something to keep your mind off food whenever the cravings hit. Sunshine will do you the world of good :) Hope i haven't droned on too much. Good luck


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aww im sori u both feelin miserble. i no how u feelin tho ive started this diet so many times in the past since i was 18 i tried lighter life, lasted 3 wks, then went 2 ww, then tried LL agen, then SW then LT. this is the 3rd attempt on LT 4 me an its bin great 4 me all the feelins i ad b4 r not there an the side effects etc

but thats not 2 say i dnt no wot u goin thru, the cold, the lack of energy an 4 me last time the resentment an constantly finkin of food. it was sooo hard an in the end i quit, i cudnt stand it.

then i suddenly ad enuf of all my out of control eatin, my many ailments due to my size an started LT agen an this time its clicked 4 me an i finally got how others felt great etc.

wen i spoke 2 my mum bout this she sed its coz im ready 2 do this diet an my mind is in the right place. ;). ive ad a few rough days but im bein 100%.

it cud b u r like i was an even tho u wana lose the weight ur body isnt ready 4 the difficulty of the diet an ur minds rebellin the lack of food. i dnt reali no how we can all av different reactions 2 the diet but mayb WW wud b a better option hun, no point bein miserable.

i hope u dnt fink im makin any digs, thats not my intention i just wnted to explain how its been 4 me.

i wish u look in whichever diet u decide 2 do, be it this or WW.

good luck hun



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Charmed, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a lovely post. I thought people on here (after I posted) would be a bit annoyed with me so I appreciate you and Bex being sooo understanding. Im sorry to hear your struggling a bit this time but your right, I keep telling myself that too - its not forever. I think your fantastic for getting back on it, because now that I've done it, I dont think I would have the strength to go back - go you!!. Im sure you will do fantastically.

Bex, thank you so much too - so much of what youve said is so, so true (you didnt give any digs!!!) and I know your right. Im delighted to hear things are going well. I firmly believe my food issues are addressed - Im not doing LT to give me a better relationship with food - I've already been eating low and healthy ever since I lost the weight on ww. Now, I know that I've piled it back on (your probably thinking!!) but in fairness, that was down to weight I didnt loose after a miscarraige early last year (got pregnant with my lovely ds just a couple of weeks after), giving up the cigarettes and been put on complete bed rest for the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy. I know I can loose this weight on ww - its the FAST loss I crave cos Im so, so down about my weight (looong story as to really why)
thank you so much sweetheart xxx

Clair, I was thinking about what i posted earlier and want to take it back (a friend called in - has been here for hours and has just left so couldnt log back on). Just because Im through with LT (well will be in 3 weeks!), doesnt mean I should be encouraging you to do the same. Its very unfair of me - this is supposed to be a support site and I truely want you to do well and succeed with this so I shouldnt have said what I did. You are "only" on day 5 - almost everyone reports that the first week is the most difficult - you could be one of those (you traitor, LOL) that actually really begins to enjoy this whole experience and diet after next week and it could suit you down to the ground. Please dont eat, however, if you truely, truely (because of your own mind and not me being so ruddy selfish and wanting a buddy) really feel that this is simply not for you at all - PLEASE ensure that you refeed properly for 7 days - if you dont you'll more than likely regain all the weight immediately (as sugar and water levels wont come up at an appropriate rate) and you'll feel worse AND simply undo all the fantastic work you've done over the past 5 days. If you did want to take up my offer of joining in "the famous plan", PLEASE do LT with me for the next 2 weeks, Im definately staying on it til then - so you'll loose a nice bit quickly to get us started AND you've truely given it a proper chance to see if this diet is for you (again, you may LOVE it by then), if you dont, we'll refeed together and go on ww together and ENSURE we get this weight off. Whatever you want to do, even if your just struggling these next few days - Ill hold your hand xx

So sorry so long folks!!!!.


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I am not on LT now, but I just wanted to say I like your honesty! We are all at different stages and LT is not the easiest of diets!!

Nothing much to add, just wanted to say, THANKS for allowing others to see a different slant on what goes on with LTers!! It isnt a breeze for everyone and it is tough.

Roll on to your goal!


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Oh Scotsmist - thank you SO much for that - I honestly expected to be told off!!!! I really appreciate it. xx


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Hi Nikki,

I am one of those finding this diet relatively easy at the moment. That is not to say I will always feel like this or that after my holiday I will be able to get back into the 'zone'. I think having the support and understanding that people on this forum can offer comes from both sides of the coin. That is to say your negative feelings at the moment are as important as those of people who are feeling postive.

It is great to know someone feels just the same as you do. It is encouraging to read how bad times are dealt with as well as reading all the positive stuff.

If you love or hate the diet, find it easy or difficult it is irrelevant. Your honesty is providing an opportunity for other people to breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that they are not the only ones who are hating it.

The best support anyone can get comes from people who understand exactly how they are feeling.

I hope the rest of your LT journey gets a little better and I wish you all the luck in the world on WW :)

Colleen xx


Doing it exante style :)
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Hey Nikki :)

Dont be daft you havent encouraged me to do owt! Except stick with it for a while.
When i went to the chemist for LT he told me that id just be in the fat catagory in 18 weeks and i think thats whats thrown me..... 18 weeks starving FFS :) So......
I've decided (before reading yor posts) that im gonna do 8 weeks then 2 weeks off then start again for 10 weeks or so, depending how much i lose and how comfortable i feel.
I know having a break will be hard but i promise myself i wont eat crap again. You see ive got family coming over in 8 weeks for a week then i go away for a week so i cannot stick to LT, i just cant.
Its given me a real boost thinking its only for 7 weeks now :) I CAN DO THAT!!!

Oh, and i dont think you should be apologising for telling people how you really feel. I think its good to find people on here that are suffering along with you. I mean, i totally admire the people that stick with it and feel great from day one its just unfortunate that we're not 2 o them people eh?
Anyway i fell a bit better today, ive managed 400 calories on the wii fit :) not saying my moods better tho lol
Keep your chin up hun xx


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hi, believe me you're not alone (((hugs))). I started lt about 3 weeks ago and gave up after 3 days as i felt so awful (it didn't help that my brother died the week before though). I'm now using the rest of my lt shakes and am mixing and matching with avidlite shakes which are so much nicer (really don't like the lt shakes at all). I'm still having the same weight loss as most others on here and still read the posts as they are very inspirational.

Good luck with your weight loss and there's always someone here to give you support should you need it xxx


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awwwwww hunny, your really not having a good time of it are ya *hugs*. Thing is your honest about the hatred for the diet etc but you are willing to stick it out. Now thats strength. You're stronger than you realise :)


this is SPARTA!
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Dont apologise. This diet can be really really tough. Ive been on a VLCD for 6 weeks and its only in the past week Ive actually felt good. The past 5 weeks have been really hard.

The sociable side of things, well I have a bit of social phobia but last time I was ok. I still went out for the big things and drank water and I treated it like I was a caterpillar...lying in my cocoon waiting to emerge as a beautiful butterfly in just a few short weeks.

I say dont put so much pressure on yourself ok? This diet is tough, we all find it tough at some point...that's part and parcel of being on the LT forum. Because we can all come on here and get some wonderful support.

If you choose to stick with it, then I have NO DOUBT you can do it. If you choose to return to WW then again, I know you can do it too. Just dont give up and go back to naughty eating, you honestly have done well and deserve to achieve your goal.



Life is not a Rehersal!
S: 14st4lb C: 11st6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 2st12lb(20%)
Oh Scotsmist - thank you SO much for that - I honestly expected to be told off!!!! I really appreciate it. xx
You are very welcome.......we all do LT for different reasons and some have to do it for months on end, and yes, I take my hat off to them...I know I did it for 4 months and now I wonder how on earth I managed it, but I knew this was how long I would be on it,,so it is just how we approach it in the beginning.

Why should you be told off when you are just being honest..yes, we all dont have the same experiences and no point just pretending saying it is wonderful, etc...when that isnt the case.

I know you will keep to your goal though, and well, that is commendable in its own right! As no one TELLS us to do this diet..we choose to do it and deal with it in our own sweet way!

Hang in there and go girl!!!!!

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