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Does anyone else ....

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by jennimet, 11 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. jennimet

    jennimet Member

    Arch cookery program's or search for recipes allllllll day long. Not thought about chocolate or snacks ones. All's I want is a hard boiled egg and some rice. :(
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  3. Markos

    Markos Active Member

    Haha, yep. I watched all-day runs of 'Man vs Food' between weeks 1 and 2 and it was the worst thing I could have done! I watched more this weekend, along with 'The Hairy Bikers' and it wasn't so bad. Watching 'Hell's Kitchen' hasn't been too bad, though. I searched a little bit for some 'Hairy Bikers' recipes, but tend to stay away, really.

    Is this your first time? Have you only just started?
    It's my first time, but I had fasted on Wednesdays and Fridays and eaten vegan for Greek Lent (which was horrific the first time), so it's not too bad. When people turn round and say fat people are as they are because they have no will power, all they need to do is look at this diet - it's extreme - and the people on here who have all lost weight and continue to do so (even with little 'blips') all deserve great success.

    Save the recipes up and think what you'll eat when you're down to whatever weight you want to be and off this diet. The only thing is...egg and rice!!!
  4. jennimet

    jennimet Member

    I did it a couple of years ago when I was much slimmer for a wedding I was going too. I've ideally got 9 stone to come off. But I've set a target of at least 4 once I get to that. If I want to come off it I'll join slimming world and get the rest off that way. I watched the hairy bikers the other day but it was Thailand and I don't like Thai.
  5. DOK

    DOK Active Member

    On Saturday I'd have given an arm for a boiled egg and a bacon rasher! Not craved chocolate either! Lol!
  6. Markos

    Markos Active Member

    Nah, I don't like Thai, either, but this was when they went to America, along the Mississippi. They made some fried chicken and waffles. The chicken looked really nice and it's something I'm going to try when I'm down to a good weight (I know, I know).
  7. jennimet

    jennimet Member

    . My husband had nacho chicken the other day from marks and spencer it looked lovely. It had cheese either side of the chicken and it was coated in breadcrumbs and tortillas. Could make a healthy version on that when I'm off this. I'm planning on joining slimming world when I've finished this diet.
  8. Markos

    Markos Active Member

    Ooooh, why did you have to explain it? That sounds absolutely superb! There's an Italian take-away that does chicken sorpresa - a breadcrumbed chicken breast, with cheese and garlic butter in the middle. To be honest, respect to you for not having some or really bothering about it.
  9. goose

    goose Well-Known Member

    My first time on LT i watched sooo much food telly but this time round ive hardly watched food programmes!
  10. jennimet

    jennimet Member

    . Think I need hypnotising when I've finished LT so I don't like all this lovely food anymore. Scares me that I want to eat it. Don't want all this hard work to go to waste
  11. Markos

    Markos Active Member

    Hi Jennimet. The thing is, we're programmed to eat. We eat because thousands of years ago people didn't know when the next meal was going to come along so they ate as much as they could - a bit like when a fox gets into a chicken coop (it doesn't want the food, but it will bite the heads of all the chickens for no apparent reason). Food is now designed for pleasure rather than simple energy. Don't feel too badly about it as we're all in the same boat.
  12. jennimet

    jennimet Member

    Just scary when you see people have done it over and over again. Really need to know how to maintain a weight. I think this is the easy part. ?
  13. Markos

    Markos Active Member

    Yep, I think this is the easy part, too. It's easy because everything we need is in one sachet that we take 2/3 times a day and we don't have to think about anything else. Once the Maintenance is over, that'll be the hard part where we have think about everything we eat and how much of it we eat. People do this over and over again because humans are programmed to eat (this affects everyone differently) and people - not everyone - go back to how they were eating before. Don't be worried about it, though.

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