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Does anyone else....


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.... whenever they see a very overweight person, want to rush up to them and tell them all about LL?!
I have managed to restrain myself, but it is soooo tempting - I just want to tell them there is a way out, and it's easy, and it makes you feel great and so on!
This programme definitely makes me feel all evangelical about it - so I have to keep reminding myself perfect strangers may not appreciate me telling them they should lose weight :D
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LOL I know what you mean. I wish someone had told me about it years ago, but I think everyone has to find it for themselves.

It's a miracle diet. No two ways about it.
Yes, I feel like that too lucy

but I know it wouldn't be right for everyone or the timing may not be right for them. I don't really mention it unless anyone asks.
But my LLC has asked if she can use my photos in her shop window. I ummed and ahhd because of the before photo, but said yes because it has changed my life.


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Oh yes and I can often hear myself having a little rant at OH about why don't these people do something and help themselves. And the worst ones... in the café's and coffee shops with the most unhealthy pile of junk in front of them.

I couldn't actually do it though.

Did others who have lost weight think of us in the same light at some point though???

And SB, there are some strange looking caterpillars out there, but you show me an ugly butterfly!!!
Yes Lucy - I have often told people I am quite evangelical about it myself.

When I pass a morbidly obese person, I see the old me, and I see the same sadness masked by the brave face. And I SO want to take them by the hand and tell them they can change their lives. But alas - I know how I would have reacted had a stranger done that to me! lol

You can't help but want to shout from the roof tops "We have found the "magic pill"!!!! " :D
all the time!
but i wouldn't dare - unless they asked.

i still think your head has got to be in the right place to do this - it's not going to work if its not.

i was reading some of the reviews on dooyou the other day and the negative ones are from people who expected a miracle - which it is, but not without strings.

i felt like shouting at the screen at the silly people who are slagging off the programme who either hadn't done it or hadn't stuck to the rules!

daisy x
it's the people who are saying 'i've tried everything and just can't lose weight' who I want to go up to and tell about LL. Mind you, there are some people who couldn't do it. It may be a miracle but as SB says, you have to be in the right frame of mind and also have quite a bit of will power too. Let's not underestimate the determination it's taken to get us where we are!


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I tell anyone that asks!! Even in the supermarket the other day. I had bought some smaller bra's and the lady on the checkout was saying she wished she could loose weight and have smaller boobs so she could buy cheaper bra's. So I told her that i was loosing weight and how I was doing it and she was really interested.

I have a lot of friends on facebaook, many that I have not seen for years, asking me about it as I post my progress pics on there too. The only thing that I have found that really puts some people off is the cost. I do try and explain to people that it will probably save you money in the long run as you won't be spending extra on naughty things and some people are still interested. You never know I may have got my LLC some new recruits!!

I feel so proud to have heard about this diet and had the courage to do it, I will tell anyone!!


Making it all add up
Yes, yes, yes

Haven't done it though as would cause too much upset and aggravation!

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