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does anyone ever have a day off?


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like not count cals for a day once in a while and kinda eat whatever takes your fancy?
i kinda fell off the wagon a couple of times last week (still lost weight mind) and i though maybe i wouldnt binge when i get fed up if i give myself a day off once in a while
does anyone do this? :)
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I did this about a fortnight ago, had a chippy and everything :eek:

I still lost that week, and I stopped craving crappy foods for the rest of the week!

I don't think it'll do any harm as long as it's only once in a while. And if it stops a major binge then I'm all for it!


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Yes today hon, cause i am feeling better my appetite has gone through the roof today, still have healthy stuff but loooaads of it.


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That is usually how I follow my diet. I usually take off the weekend. I don't bing mind you b/c then I would gain all the weight back. But right now I am doing the johnson up day down day diet so every other day is an eat what you want diet, so I don't have to take the weekends off. I just started it on Monday but have lost 3 pounds already. :D

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I believe that for a diet to work it's got to not feel like a chore or a punishment so if that includes having a day off once in a while then that's all part of the weight loss process. If it helps you stick to your diet the rest of the time, then it's a positive thing. And I agree with Lou that it does seem to take care of the cravings for a while.


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I don't really go for "days off", as I don't think that's an approach which will lead to successful maintaining once I reach target. But that's because I tend to get obsessive quite easily, so if I allowed myself days off, I'd start obsessing about them :D


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I tend to try to have a meal off rather than a day off - but it is nice to have a small treat once every few weeks. The trouble with eating loads for me is that I then feel hungry for the same amount the next day.
This is currently my biggest problem. I am very strict and stick to my required calories for the day in the week and see the weight loss. But because my metabolism is messy when i get to the weekends and have my two days off. Im not even binge eating. Just having a little extra sweet stuff, then i pile it right on. I found out the reason why at this forum today actually. Im still going to have my day off but try and fill myself with healthy stuff, as opposed to snacking on the bad.

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