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Does anyone feel odd not being hungry on a diet??

Ok, SW is NOT a diet but you get the drift - you see, this is my 5th day and it's easy to do - I've got the hang of everything from the reddun's to the green'uns, from the HE (a)'s to the syns - no problem - but the ONE problem I DO have is ... I dunno - guilt..? Most 'diets' Ive tried, as prob per most of us, always leave u starving and waiting for tomorrow to come so we can eat, so you KNOW u MUST be losing weight - but as this one doesn't leave you feeling deprived, do u sometimes feel that you're infact putting weight ON with all the food we can have??
I dunno, this is all so good, so easy to do and so enjoyable - too good to be true? I pee a lot, got no probs with that as this is a classic trait of weight control, but my tum does bloat out sometimes - that's why I shant use the scales til at least a week - any thoughts, have u felt this way?
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Nah i loves it!

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Starlight, it is absolutely brill, lol,I think with all the campaigns ie: 5 a day, we are all trying sub consiously to eat healthy anyway, so when we are told we can eat all we want we are like, yeah right! lol
It was hard to get my head around all the food when I first switched from WW to SW, but once I got past that and realised I could lose weight I thought it was fab!
I think a main contributor to this is the fact that we seem conditioned to think (and from an early age) that large portions/more food make us fat, and small portions/less food keeps us thin, when in fact its not the quantity of food that shapes our bodies but the type of food.

Just my tuppence

L x
Very valid points.
Ruthy xxx

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