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Does anyone go to the gym?

Frantic cardio workouts won't help you lose weight any faster ... in fact it might even hinder it.

Gentle exercise, however, is OK. :)
Sweating away on a treadmill isn't really my bag (plus I don't think I have the energy anyway when SSing!) I'm going to try and start swimming soon though to help with the toning, should be good as low resistance and I find it quite relaxing.
I've just joined the gym at work (after being harassed every time I went in lol) - I've got my induction on Tuesday and have today kitted myself out (Primark's finest jogging bottoms & t shirt :D) and dare I say it, I'm actually looking forward to it! Be gone bingo wings, hello washboard stomach...

Corinne x


I go Sat & Sun mornings (sleeping less since starting CD!) for an hour. Cross trainer/bike/treadmill for 40 mins within my fat-burning heart rate, then weights to (hopefully) maintain my muscles and tone. then finish off with 15 mins of stretching. I also use 'The Bean' at home for sit-ups and more stretching.
i join the gym in june, lost 6% body fat gone down 2 sizes but havnt lost weight but i thought i could eat wot i want lol now iam on a diet, i let u know tues if i lost weight :party0019:
I do a mere 15 mins on my LTT, I do it on 'stiff' so it's toning rather than fat burning, we're only getting 400 odd cals on ss so if you burn too much you'll not be getting what you need I don't think, It's very personal but personally I'm toning then when I build up the plans I will do some cardio to keep me balanced xx
Yes, I go swimming nearly every evening and do 40 lengths at a gentle pace, feel greet and getting toned too, arms and legs are taking shape! Then I relax in the jacuzzi for 10 mins and do the steam room for 5 mins. I call it a "Me Time" every evening :)
I do bodypump 3 times a week and also have 2 personal training sessions a week. Im finding that as the fat comes off Im seeing subtle muscle definition and it's also meaning im not left with saggy bits!
On SS I find that I do tire more quickly than before I started CD but drinking plently of water and resting well after the sessions seems to keep me ok.
Since doing cardio I have found that my resting heart rate has lowered and metabolism has improved , therefore I am burning more calories when I am resting :)

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