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Does Anyone have a treat day?

Hi, I've always had a treat day after getting weighed and always lost weight if I was good rest of the week it's when I get slim and come off diet that's my problem and all weight and more goes back on, so here I go again at start of my journey, I think having 1 naughty treat a week helps you diet for longer cause you look forward to that gorgeous meal.x
I have a treat after i've been weighed, once a week.
I think this helps me stick to the diet has its something to look forward to ;-))
I used to save points up for a Saturday night and that way i'd have a big treat without the guilt - haven't managed to save many this week, 1st week back on, but will still be able to have a small treat.
I would usually go with saturday as a treat day. Mainly because if i have any social functions they would always fall on a Sat.
I used to have a savoury cheese baguette the day after when i did it before (no idea how many points!) Going to wait till my husband gets home next month and go out for a meal. I will include it in my 49 weekly allowance though. Probably chinese.
I had my first treat day today, felt kind of naughty eating half a bag of share size chocs, but once upon a time I could have had the whole bag every night. It will keep me motivated to know I can have the other half next saturday lol (if no one else eats then lol)

Love n stuff
J x
That's gd to hear I think friday night will be my treat night and gd the rest of the week x x

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