Does anyone have syn-free & HE-free days ?


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Hi Everyone

I'm really really struggling at the moment. Usually I can be great all day and then I collapse at evening time. Also its TOTM at the mo, so thats not helping!

Basically I dont eat unhealthily, its just the quantities I struggle with. Eg, this morning I had egg on wholemeal toast but thought I'd follow that with a bowl of bran flakes, but I know that the bowl I have is 10syns worth (or HB+4syns)... and then I had 2 of these :(

I feel that I might be much better at sticking with the plan if I kept all my syns and all my healthy extras till the evening time as its the healthy extra foods that I really crave and need more of. Does anyone else do this ????? Go syn free and healthy extra free all day and then use them in the evening ?

Thanks for your help, its really appreciated :)
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At first I thought this thread was going to be about not having any syns and HEs at all, and I was all ready to argue against this. But now having read your post I would say that there are no rules as to when in the day you should have them, and if you've identified that evenings are when you crave these types of foods, then doing this seems a very sensible way of tackling it. You might want to still allow yourself a small number of syns during the day but I can't see any reason why you shouldn't keep your HEs and syns until the evening. Just make sure you are filling up during the day on primarily superfree foods along with the free food options.


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Thanks Circes.....sorry I just thought I should change the post title to say does anyone eat all their HE's and syns in the evening. I am really struggling right now and I just feel a whole lot better and wierdly less restricted on the few days that I've done this. I've been thinking about these kind of menus:

fruit and yog

Soup, or
Salad, veg crudities or roasted veggies with some kind of grain for lunch (couscous, quinoa, buckwheat, pasta) or
egg salad, or
Use one of the A choices for a cheese salad or portion of homity pie, or
Jacket potato and beans or cottage cheese, or,
Veg curry and rice, or
If I'm on a rare red day perhaps fish and salad.

Fruit !


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I mainly do green days and always save syns and a hex b for evenings, that way I can have 2 weetabix (tummy cement!) if I need it, a cup or two of cocoa (1 syn per heaped teaspoon) made with water and skimmed milk, and an alpen light bar (3 syns or 2 for a hex b). I find evenings is when I get the munchies, when I sit on the sofa after dinner and washing up is all done.

Happy Holidays

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I mostly have green days & I often have a hex free breakfast, not out of choice but by just eating what I feel like. Sometimes rice with fruit & yoghurt, or eggs, beans, quorn sausage & mushrooms, or polenta porridge with fruit; for supper I'll have cheese on toast/krisprolls/finn crisps.

I always have hex free lunch, no reason I just don't like sandwiches, so I usually have rice/pasta/potato salad or couscous with veggies.


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Ah ha thats cool to see that it works for others too - thanks both :) Dehli I love the term tummy cement..... I love weetabix too!! Must admit though I'm seeing the error of my ways after two big bowls of bran flakes, I still feel full and a bit sick :(


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I generally use my hexs during the day, but I usually try for syn-free meals so I can have chocolate every night :D


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I usually have red/green days (so that I can have 2 Hex B's). Typically, I save my 2 Hex B's and most/all of my syns until the evening. It works for me. The Honey Paw Ridge + Scan Bran is great if I'm feeling hungry. On the few green days, if I'm hungry, I make myself some rice pudding!!!!!


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I'll often save my hexb to eat in front of the tv at night. Weetabix crunchy bran takes a long time if you only nibble one piece at a time!


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Excellent ideas - thanks everyone ! I'm going to give it a try this week and see if I manage to do any better ;)


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I also do this!! I try to save my sins just incase and always save a heb for the evening! If im on extra easy i try and have porridge for breakfast....then save the scan bran to have with a banana in the evening instead of a hifi :)


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I try and keep most of my sins and hex's for the evenings - this is my worst part of the day for straying. I should really have more varied hex's but tend to have ryvita minis, or alpen lights and a bit of cheese - normally babybel so that I am not picking @ the cheese when I have weighed it . This has worked for me in the past and hoping it will again :)

Oh Im doing a mix of green and EE.


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Thanks amy and a-new-me. It seems like my plan is quite popular, I'm definitely giving it a go this week and will see how it goes :)


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I usually have my HEb in the morning, usually on cereal or bread. My HEa I normally use in the day too which is normally on milk or cheese.

At least 10 of my syns are saved for the evening, as once my son is in bed, that is when I crave a bit of choccie or whatever. I don't tend to crave anything like that during the day.

I think as long as you are using your syns and healthy extras, it doesnt matter when in the day you use them and is wise to keep them for the part fo the day when you are most likely to NEED them.


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I always have mine, sometimes more than my fair share! I also usually have cereal and milk in the morning, but save some of the milk for teas throughout the day. And I try to save the syns for the evening.