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Does anyone have these symptoms?

Hi all, I'm on my second week now and yesterday I felt dreadful. I kept getting cold and the shivers, feeling sick and had head ache from hell and yet the next day I felt fine. A friend of mine said she had the same symptoms in her second and was just wondering if anyone else had and if it is the diet still adjusting my body ect???
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hey babydarlinuk,

well only day 4 for me and i feel sick and was freezin in bedlast night. I just asked similar if not same question in another thread DOH!!


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They all sound very familiar alright. They are normal symptoms which means your body is adjusting to your new diet. Try drinking water and see if your head aches ease, if not a painkiller is fine (thats what I used for the first few days on LT). Im always cold too, so keep wrapped up warm!
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Definitely feeling the chilly cold!

It will be gone in a short while hon(from what I have read), keep on keeping on and you will be fine.

Sammylou x


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Yep! I got all the symptoms that you are meant to get to day 5 but I had them for the first 2 full weeks! But I put it down to me being more full of toxins than everyone else due to my particularly bad lifestyle! Headaches (major migraines lasting 5 days), flu symptoms, chills, fatigue. I felt soooo sorry for myself!

But when you think about it - you are detoxing from sugar, carbs, caffine, alcohol, all at once! Just pamper yourself. I also didn't get the big energy spurt till the start of week 3 and couldn't exercise till then.
Well there you go babydarlin, an excuse to pamper and treat ourselves nice!! :) I could get used to this pampering business.

hmmm maybe i will get my hair trimmed and have beauty session tonight
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Well I am a beauty therapist and work from home so I have a lovely little beauty salon right here whenever I fancy anything done, wish I could figure out how to do my own full body spray tan tho! lol


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yeah they all sound very familiar but they pass..stick with it it pays off,have a hot shower when your feelin cold,im always in mine hhaa
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haha nice, im not that far from you either, think you shud lend me ya little salon for the night hehe, that part about the self spray tan made me laugh lol
I actually took my husband with me when I did the tanning training and he has done me a lovely tan a few times now but it takes forever cos he keeps ogling me booblies!

Sammylou x

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Sammylou - :rotflmao: That really made me giggle! Men, eh? :)


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Sammylou - :rotflmao: That really made me giggle! Men, eh? :)
Eish!!! Us guys don't half get some stick on this forum. I need some tips from an experienced forumer like Gaz on how to cope with all the abuse! :cry:

The symphoms of tiredness, headaches and shivering will all pass. Hang in there for the first couple of weeks and you won't be believe how much easier this diet becomes. You will have good days and bad days but as the weeks pass there are many more good days than bad ones! :cool:
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Glad to hear you are feeling better today.