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Does anyone know a weight loss strategy???

Hi, I am 23 years old and have been gaining on pounds and this is getting to me. The thing is that after several efforts of exercise and dieting, I don’t seem to get any slimmer! There are many ways to lose weight, but I have exhausted all the ways I know. I have consulted a few people but all of them have been telling me the same thing. It isn’t helping me and only making my fears worse.

Is there some way to make me feel better!!!

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Hi Sunshiny,
welcome to minimins. It is hard to tell what would suit you best but you have definately come to the right place to find out. Check out all the different sub-forums(plural?) on minimins and I'm sure you'll find what is right for you.
I am on CD and have been for close to 5 months now but it is a very strict VLCD (very low calorie diet) and may not be right for you. Just take a little time to read about all the different diets, ask anything you like and someone will be able to answer.

I hope this helps and good luck..



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hi there sunshiny. i don't have anything much to add other than welcome and good luck!! i am starting the cambridge diet (cd) tomorrow and am really excited, but it is very very strict. there are loads of people who are very knowledgable about these things and i'm sure they'll be along soon with advice. just post questions on the different diet forums and people will dive in to help :)

abz xx


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Welcome and good luck....lots of us on the site have tried the Very Low Cal diets like Cambridge and Lipotrim for quick, safe and lasting results....have a browse around....you will find a diet here that will help and more importantly the support to keep going...
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Ok clearly you are doing something incorrect. Its time to get a little tough with yourself monitoring your intake vs exercise. Get yourself a note pad or join a free on line website and note down every single thing that passes your lips. If you are 100% certain that what you have consumed is a reasonable amount of cals say 1400 or 1600 plus exercise and you have not lost then its time to get to a doctors for a check up. If you join say fitday.com they will give you advice on how many cals you should be eating to loose weight. Sometimes we think we are eating correctly but are forgetting the sugar in tea, the snack at work or the eating too large portions. Watching your intake and being honest will get you to where you want to be. Don't look at it as a diet this is a tweak to your life style so you can be who you want to be and be happy.
Hi there

If you stick to any diet and follow it properly it WILL work. The secret is finding the right diet for you. Sounds like you need a properly structured one as opposed to going it alone.

Have a browse around Minimins, EVERY diet you can imagine is covered here, and get a feel for them. It depends what youre looking for VLCDs have the fastest results but are very very strict. If you prefer something with more flexibility (and food!) WW or SW are very doable and a lot of people have had fantastic results on them too.

Good luck with whatever you decide
Hi, I agree with Starlight. I am 27 and have tried every diet under the sun for nearly 20 years and its a case of finding which one works for you. It is only now that I am realising this, the fact that you need to find the diet that fits you, and maybe it will mean using more than one system - possibly SW or CD for x amount of weight then another for the final push, only you will be able to judge that.I have recently discoverd slimfast, purely from the fact I get easily tempted with the vast array of foods on offer - now I know I just grab a shake or snack, and have a sensible meal on a smaller plate ( I have very bad portion control!) But most importantly for that extra boost- a bit of exercise. I have discovered the gym, and never thought I would catch myself thinking that, let actually joining one. I am now addicted. I may have over 6 stone to lose, but I am no means the biggest there. I thought everyone would be looking at me etc, but instead it is a really motivating experience. With so many activites on offer, if you get fed up one week -go an do something different. If you dont have much time, just do 10minutes of something, feel like you had a bad day food wise, work a bit harder.
I have spent most of my twenties in desperation to lose weight, and this has revolutionised my own personal years of trying.
Hope this helps! Hang in there, you can do it! x


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What I am personally doing at the moment is simply just eating healthily and not counting or weighing anything! I know this may not be everyones choice and a lot of people need a far more structured routine to stick to but I have been down that route so many times and failed, that this time I have decided if I tell myself it is yet another 'diet' I know I will fail yet again! However something has finally clicked into place and I feel totally different this time and I am determined to adopt a more relaxed approach to the food I eat from now on and I have come to the conclusion that my unhappy relationship with food is my own personal downfall and it really needs to change and so my 'new' approach seems to be working and as a result I feel so much more positive and motivated and I feel so much more relaxed about what I eat. To be honest I am at my happiest when I am in control and the self respect I am enjoying is the biggest motivater for me and this motivation is spurring me on giving me so much more drive, strength and determination. Obviously as my weightloss slows down and I need to be a little stricter with myself, I may move on to one of the popular eating plans or join a group but hopefully by then I will have totally changed my whole approach to food and I will mentally be able to handle a more structured routine! However until such time I shall simply stick to a well balanced, low fat healthy eating lifestyle and I really don't care how long it takes me, unlike in the past when I expected instant and dramatic results and got so disillusioned if the scales didn't register a dramtic loss each and every week! I am not in a race, it is a lifelong lifestyle change that is needed and this time I am NOT putting any type of time limit or any particular target on myself and I will just be happy to be going down instead of up! Putting pressure on myself for me personally has not worked in the past and being so strict and so harsh on myself was bound to end in disaster sooner or later as I simply could not keep up the 'holier than thou' behaviour I thought I had to adhere to and if I ever ate any food I believed I shouldn't have eaten then I would be immediately consumed with guilt; sending me into a downward spiral of self hate and disgust which then led to me going totally crazy and raiding the fridge like some demented madwoman!

They key I believe to succeeding is finding whatever works for YOU and sometimes we have to have tried and failed many times before we find our own path but with the right support I am sure we can all help and guide one another in the right direction and I wish everyone success in their own particular journey. :)

Good luck everyone!



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Hi Sunshiny, welcome to WeMITTS!

I think as Starlight said a lot of weight loss is about finding a diet thats right for you. And, as crimson noir said, it's also about sticking to it. Diets take time to work, there is no instant fix.

Like everyone in the WeMITTS forum I have a lot of weight to lose. I tried LCDs, Slimfast, WW, and nothing worked. I lack a lot of motivation and hate feeling restricted so those diets didn't work for me. Now I'm on South Beach, which is about learning to eat the right carbs and fats. It's a relatively free diet (after the first 2 weeks) and I enjoy and profit from that flexibility. I also recently discovered that I really enjoy a simple long walk and now take "an evening walk". Everyone has something that will suit them and not others. There is no right answer. Only effort, determination, committment and time.

To feel better... take a positive step... do some research, choose a diet, stick to it and see it through. The feeling you have of taking control of your life, being proactive and seeing the rewards of your efforts is one of the best feelings in the world.

Good luck on your weight loss journey


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Hiya & welcome

Like Sooh I'm doing it all myself with healthy eating and exercise. As you can see from my ticker it's working for me.

Different things work for different people and the timing is vital too. Like most people on here I've tried loads of different diets over the years from Weight Watchers to CD to Cabbage Soup!! So if you'd told me this time last year I'd be losing weight on my own by cutting down and going to the gym 3 times a week I'd have said you needed your head examining.

You just need to read all the different posts & sections on here to see there are plenty of options out there to choose from so one (or more) will work for you.

Good luck on your journey & enjoy the site. Everyone is so friendly & helpful. :)
Everyone is different and what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. Also your head needs to be in the right frame of mind. I am taking small steps as have a lot to lose. I take the diet a day at a time and have a mini target eg 7 lb or to get into the stone down and when I reach that I make a new mini target

Irene xx


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Hi Irene,

I agree with you entirely and the head thing especially, as in my experience I have found that if you are not 100% ready mentally to tackle your weight problem then you stand no chance. We know we are overweight, we are desperately unhappy and yearn to be slimmer, the doctors may be warning us etc etc but if your state of mind is not in gear then it's a hopeless task ............ why is this I ask?

I think the mini targets is an excellent idea Irene, especially for anyone with huge amounts of weight to lose and taking each day at a time is a great approach also and that way if you do fall off the bandwagon you can pick yourself up, brush yourself down and see tomorrow as a brand new day!

Does this sound totally mad ..................... but I am actually enjoying my new way of eating and thinking and for the first time in my entire life, I feel in total control and I cannot believe just how differently this new approach has made me feel?

Sue x


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Hi Sunshiny, im the same, im 20 and my weight has been going up and up, i have tried slim fast, cabbage soup, slimming world, even eating only one ,meal a day but nothing worked, i just got so fed up i started eating junk again. however, this May, i decided that once and for all i would do something about it. I didnt go on any specific diet, infact im not even thinking of it as a diet, i just eat better and exercise more - heres a typical day for me
-half hour cycle in the morning
-strawberries and low fat yoghurt for breakfast
-half hour walk in the afternoon
-soup for lunch
-ten minute walk at night
-something healthy like a baked potato or chilli for dinner
I have lost 10lbs so far, i do slip up sometimes and have the odd chocolate biscuit or packet of crisps, but I dont let that get me down anymore, I just learn from it and carry on. This is the most weight ive lost in years and I can really see me being slim someday (hopefully for xmas!)
So keep your chin up, you'll do this, i promise!!