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Does anyone know how to skinnify myself???

A long time ago I used a computer programme which took your vital stats and 'drew' you. You could make it look like you by changing features etc etc. Then you could put in your target weight, and it drew you again as you would look if you were skinnier.

It was really good, and I think it would be really motivating, but I can't for the life of me remember what the programme was.

Has anyone ever used anything similar please?

Thanks in advance. x
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Yeah, my virtual model it's called - basic but gives you an idea. I have pics of mine in my profile :)


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I'm a member of the Virtual Model site too, I love dressing myself up in the sort of clothes that I shall be able to buy when I lose my weight - it's very satisfying and helps to keep me motivated.
Thanks Guys...I've had a look at Virtual Model, it's good, but not the one...but thanks anyway.

I used my virtual model, but could relate! I took a photo of myself and then photo shopped it, I keep it as my wallpaper to keep me motivated!

Squiddle, how did you do this? Just guessed where the weight would go from? Sounds good.

have to say virtual model is rubbish, even if i add 30lbs onto myself i look toned and gorgeous lol. my body is NOTHING like the shape they have on there!!
oh and BFB i can photoshop pictures to make you look thinner pretty well if you want i can do one for you
well. i gave this ago, and no matter how much i tried i could get it to do my body quite right, i mean the weight loss was significant, but my boobs were still way to small compared to real life, and im sure i dont look anywhere as small as it was making me look when i was typing in my current weight!
Hey, I agree, my virtual model, it looked far too toned, not one spec of cellulite. I wish!!

I found this the other day - it is a service that charges you to adapt an image of yourself: See Yourself Slimmer photo slimming aid

But if you had skills with photoshop or knew someone who did... could save a bit :)


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My OH is really good with photoshop, might get him to try and skinnify a pic of me. if he manages it I will put it up on here. hmmm......


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OK, couple of things, first the good skinny photo is on my laptop and it's taken a nice little cruise up a famous creek that rhymes with fit...
Second, excuse the hair, and the t-shirt, I only get to wear it out at christmas so I use it as a PJ top the rest of the year!
Not my best, but I'm not that good at PS and I did it quick, but you get the idea;