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Does anyone not struggle!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Guy's and girl's
Hope you are all well and not being affected by the snow to much where ever you are:mad:
I was wondering if anyone else on here does not really struggle with the tfr ?
I am quite a strong willed person who get's thing's done when i say i am going to do something and i like to get them done as soon as possible.
That why my original goal was to lose 4 stone in 16 weeks and now i am trying to do it in 10.
As i said before i work in a kitchen at times and i am finding it quite easy not to pick i have also only had one day where i have felt like i wanted to eat.
I have not had the head ache's and touch wood bad breathe is not bothering me at the moment and i intend to steam right through christmas not eating to reach my goal as soon as possible
I mentioned to my pharmacist about having no side effects she said i must be extremely lucky and not to worry about it as its a bonus not to have any
Is anyone the same?
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I can't say I haven't struggled Craigie D, but I think it could have been more difficult. The first few weeks especially I think I found it easy enough but these past few weeks have definitely been harder. Today I have a blinding headache :( which is not something I've suffered from at all until now, I drink enough water to fill a swimming pool so it's not dehydration, could be just a mix of everything maybe. Anyway, given what I've put my body through doing this diet I'd say I've gotten off fairly easily. Here's hoping the last few weeks go okay :) :) :)
As silly as it may sound, i find i struggled at the end of my TFR, but it is much harder now i am on refeed... On TFR you KNOW you can't eat etc. and it somehow helps.. Now i know i can eat, but have to be careful, it is driving me insane... I want to go back to TFR!! lol

Make the most of it Craigie.. It may change yet!! (but hopefully not)
I found the whole tfr easy up until recently. I believe i found it easy because i stayed 100%. I drank loads of water and never added anything to the shakes or tried to change them. This diet is easy. There are no choices to make. I too never suffered from bad breath or headaches after the initial detox from carbs, I cook dinner every single night and have never once been tempted to even lick my fingers lol. But i know i have so little time left now and it is more difficult. I just want to eat now. but i'll stick with it for another 2 weeks and then i'm going to do straight into Dunkan, no carb refeed . i'm keeping well clear from carbs. I did the refeed already in october as i was going on hols, and it is very difficult. you just want to eat everything... really strange feeling / expeirence. so thank your lucky stars because some people do find it hard off the carbs.


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Hi :) I was exactly the same as you!! No side effects, bad breath, headaches or anything- in fairness I was only on TFR for 4 weeks now but still! My pharmacist said I was very lucky too :)


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I was okay until about week 8, and then I struggled. Never had any of the headaches or bad breath though, which was good :) I'm looking forward to re-starting TFR in the New Year.
I'm constantly battling with TFR.I was a total carb junky but funnily also didn't suffer from headaches and bad breath....Before TFR i used to try and eat healthy and skip meals... and ended up with aweful headaches then.
You are very lucky craig coz I want to lick the spoons clean every time I try to make food for the family.....so have given up on cooking until I am strong enough...hopefully that will happen. Refeed as you have been told by LTer is difficult coz there is a choice. God help me then!!:eek:
Hi, i am only on week two so not much of an expert but been lucky enough, the only thing i am struggling with is a horrid taste in my mouth, bit of bad breath but manageable and not too bad. drinking lots of water so cant be that! but hey i can put up with that, its an easy diet to stick too!
My second time doing lt, i get headaches initially after the first week it calms down, my main issues after that tend to be food dreams and i wake up thinking ive ruined it, i smell food too, but apart from it turning me into a weirdo i do ok.

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