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Does anyone out there sneakily get weighed every day

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I really wish i could break this habbit, i know all the pit falls of doing this and yet it seems to be just part of my daily routine. Ive thrown weighing scales away in the past and said i wouldnt buy more but i always do :mad: i am beginning to think i am addicted to the scales. Anyone out there that does this or am i on my lonesome? maybe im just weird :confused: x x
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I used to be terrible for this I called it www..wake up...wee...weigh. I have troed hard to get myself out of it but do sneak on more than once a week.


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I must admit I don't own weighing scales for the very reason that I'd be on and off them like nobody's business if I had them!! I wouldn't be able to resist!! So for me it's all suspense as to what Monday evenings are going to reveal!! I prefer it that way! It keeps it all mysterious!! I do get very very nervous about weigh-ins as a result but it's a lovely surprise if I have a good one, and it does help me to be good through the week because I don't want to be disappointed by the news!! I'm going to invest in some when I get to goal!X
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Every time I diet I get obsessed with the scales, jumping on every morning. This time round I'm going to try my hardest to make it only once a week. Last time I dieted, my entire mood depended on what the scales said that morning, not a healthy way to be.
S: 10st13lb C: 10st8lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 0st5lb(3.27%)
silvermaneuk - oh i love the www. thats so funny and so true for me. without the daily weigh im sure i would still be www. wake up - wee -worry :) i must try though.

funcurls - does it help you to keep motivated everyday not knowing if you have lost or not? Maybe the nervousness would make me burn off more calories :)

chloebelle - ur so right about how it can affect mood if the scales dont say what you want it to. Even though we all know that our bodies can change daily but it does still affect the mood. At least you only did it when dieting, ive done it for eternity. I might work up to setting myself a challenge soon and show a bit of self restraint. :)
f does it help you to keep motivated everyday not knowing if you have lost or not?
But thats the thing weighing yourself every day doesnt give you a true picture of your losses, well not on a diet like SW it doesnt. Your weight can fluctuate so much from day to day that once a week is really the only way to get an accurate picture.
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I confess! i weigh every morning and find it helps to keep me on track. I know that I shouldn't but for the last nearly 6 months it has become a habit. Doesn't appear to be doing any harm.
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I weigh most days too. I find it comforting even though I only take my official WI as gospel.
I find it too nerve wrecking to go to WI without some idea of how I've done and so I bought a scales for home and stopped panicking so much on WI day.
My home scales don't weigh the same as official scales but I know if it's up or down. It's never made me not go to WI if I think it's going to be the wrong result.
I know that weighing every day doesn't suit everyone, and I know that weight fluctuates, but some people find it motivates them to weigh every day.
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I admit that I weigh every morning after a wee. However, I take the weights given with a pinch of salt as they vary quite a bit. If I don't like the weight I see, I wait a minute or so and find I've lost one or two pounds or gained them.

However, what I do get excited about is when I see a new lowest weight that I haven't seen before as that is almost always an indicator that I have lost some weight. Then when I start seeing that new weight more regularly I'm happy.

Also, my scales weigh about four pounds less than my consultant's.
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last time i used to weigh myself everytime i went in the bathroom and on weigh day i would weigh naked then go get dressed then get weighed and if there was to much change i'd get changed and it would go on like this till i was happy i was pretty obsessed.
this time i usually weigh wed (i get weighed on sat) to see how i'm doing this usually pushes me abit esp i f i've had a loss if i've had a gain it pushes me to. then i get weighed sat morning but only once no clothes changing.
i get weighed on my wii and have no other scales in. i like it this way cause i can't just jump on the wii it takes time so i can't do it every morning.
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I confess! I weigh myself every morning in the www style! I find it keeps me on track, too. If I have a heavier weigh in, I will make an extra effort to eat 2 out of 3 superfree meals that day.


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i weigh myself every day too, it helps to keep me on track and motivated, i only use my official WI as my weekly result.
i try not to weigh myself until about tuesday (i weigh on Thursday nights) just to see how im getting along - it gives me an idea usually!

i might try not to weigh at all!!!! its very hard breaking this habit though. xxx
S: 10st13lb C: 10st8lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 0st5lb(3.27%)
awww well im glad im not on my lonesome :D i think generally it does help me to keep on the straight and narrow but i do have an occassional kick the scales moment. Im learning though, cos that just hurts my toe. Maybe reducing to 2 or 3 times a week weigh in would be good for me to try. Thanks for sharing your experiences, they were great. x x sorry i still dont have a thumbs up "thanks" tab. (does anyone know when i will get that, is it dependant on how many posts you have or how long youve been a member or minimims??)

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I weigh myself one or twice a week other than weigh in, sometimes i wish i didn't though because during the week it can say i'm lighter than my proper weigh in. I can't help it though!!

We need to start a weighing anonymous!!!
no i never weigh myself till the seven days have come and gone incase im dissapointed :cry: so i keep to the once a week :).


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i was weighing at home for a few weeks before i joined group and on my 1st wi discovered that either i had put on 7lbs between my house and group or the scales were wrong. I stil weigh myself when i get home from WI just see if the scales have changed lol but i dont weigh before WI