does anyone work with inconsiderate people??

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Today i am proud of myself as i work with a horrible women who know i am on my diet but constantly talks about fodd at first i felt a bit paronoid buit today she turned round to me and got her chips she had for lunch and held to 1inch away from my mouth saying to me oh sorry i forgot you cant eat i haeto say i can eat i choose not to!!! what a cow she also knows my goals for summer as its a crowed office and teklls me everyday how silly my diet is i feel stronger and better thati postthis as i know i may notbe the only one.
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Sorry about them chic. Some people want you to fail and they will do anything to make it happen. It's sad but true. Just stick at it and ignore them, they will soon get bored and drop it.


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You will find some folks will try to tempt you to eat. They figure that you will fail so it is only a matter of time and they try to rush it. However it sounds like you are proud of yourself and that's what matters. I had a woman tell me everytime she saw me that she was going to MAKE me eat but to me I found pleasure in that because as hard as she tried she could never make me eat. I w0ould tell her I am just fine with my shake. You can see my ticker below, now what do you think these folks are saying. They all want to know more about my diet. Keep your proud feeling and don't let the haters get you down.


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That is just rude. How dare she! Aghhhhhhh I need to vent big time!!!! I am mad because I have just posted about my blooming Director too - having words with me... why cant people leave us alone!
I could easily sit here and start having a go at people for their bad diets, smoking etc etc but I dont....
Hope you are ok hun, some people just need to be wolloped at the back of the head to see sense he he.. lots of hugs xx


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Jealous women can be very nasty and spiteful:mad: Tell them to naff off!:asskick: Or you could offer her your CDC number as she looks a little bloated herself after Christmas:rolleyes: LOL! But seriously ignore the silly sods!:D


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Tell 'em to get lost babe! Some women feel threatened by the thought of their 'fat' friend being slim so they try to sabotage the diet.
If she does it again, take the chip and throw it in the bin.
Good luck honey! Don't lose faith :)

Sharon xoxo


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Oh god, all the office/work gossips are out in force. I had conjunctivitis last week...somehow that was because of my 'stupid' diet.
Now I have a cold...guess what's to blame!
Nothing to do with the fact that I'm a teacher, and half the children in my class are off with coughs and colds!
Was laughing to myself earlier as there is no way anyone would ever say, 'ah you've got a cold ....that's cos you're 4stone overweight!'


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Catss, funny how when people don't understand or are maybe concerned, they turn it into scorn or mocking. Or maybe they really don't want us to be any different... my most hurtful comment was from my mum yesterday. I'm getting over flu & she held her arms out about three feet in front of her and said 'I won't rest until you're back out here, then you won't get ill!' Er... logic, anyone? Smiled, took the biscuits she'd bought for me(?!) and put them in the bin on the way out.
People can be really mean and rude, but we have to ignore them and not let it get to us. As Edibee says, we'll have the last laugh on this one!
And Charleen, I'm with Lady H... if she goes on being a cow, hand her your cdc's card. Sorted.

snooky cat x

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Hi,next time she holds her food near your face just sneeze on it and say 'oh i am sorry its the vinegar always does that to me'or something along those xxx


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i've decided not to tell people in work i'm on the diet as its none of there business!! :) good luck with your journey!!!


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glad I work from home now!! I have only told a few friends and they all support me! One friend commented today on how much she could see the weight loss yeah


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Jealousy is a terrible thing :sigh: I had a *****y remark off a friend earlier on this week over some smaller sized clothes I've bought in a sale, yes they are currently 3 sizes too small but they won't be for long!! If anything it made me more determined to achieve just to prove the point :Na_Na_Na_Na:


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What a *****. The last time I was on it I was the talk of the office, everyone knew better than I did, everyone had an opinion, everyone wanted me to fail so they could say "I told you so". But I didn't fail - I lost 3 stone. This time, I have kept my mouth shut, mainly becasue I haven't been sticking to the diet anyway but becasue if they found out I had cheated, I would get the snide cracks and smirks. Why can't people just be nice ???


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OMG my 'swear' word has been ****'d out :O. Haha please dont think it was a bad word lol, it started with b and ended with h :). Those stars would usually represent a 'bad' word in my opinion - it was just a 3/10 bad word not a 10/10 haha