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  1. Kaijo

    Kaijo Full Member

    Does anyone do 2 shakes a day and one small healthy meal? I'm on my second round of TFR after holiday and finding it so hard!

    Didnt know if anyone did this and also if weight lose is still good?

    Jo xxx
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    DOMREP Member

    i'm not too sure about that.i'm currently on day one of tfr, i'm finding it's not too bad if your busy.

    i'm sure someone will be able to help you answer the question.if not maybe ask your pharmacist? keep going, apparently it will get easier.x
  4. Han_Han

    Han_Han ...

    Maybe look at the "Weight Loss via LT Maintenance" section?

    I know though, I've recently restarted after not following LT for several weeks & it is tough. But, I know we can both do it!

  5. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    second time around aint the easiest but what do you want more, weight loss or food?

    Dont mean that to sound negative but a TFR is a TFR. Sure you can do 2 shakes and 1 meal but you wont get nowhere near the same results as TFRing. All you could eat would be poultry/meat and veg and a little salad - youd have to avoid things like pots and bread. Is it really worth it? x
  6. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    I tink if your gonna do the 2 shakes 1 meal option its the maintanance products you want not the tfr. In a way i think the tfr is easier as you have no temptation whereas with the maintainance you are allowed certain things.

    However it is a good option as you will still lose weight if you follow it strictly if not its basically a maintainance tool not a way to lose weight. (thats wat a pharmacist told me anyway, she said if you cheated in any way you wud most likely not lose at all).

    Check out the weight loss via maintainance like Hannah said but as you know since you have done this before it does get easier after you get into the swing of things again. xxxxxxx

    Good luck with which ever road you decide.
  7. irish molly

    irish molly Maintaing LT loss on GL

    I think I would rather keep to the TFR as you have no temptation at all. Results aregood and you lose your weight more quickly. If you believe you can be disciplined enough to not overeat then perhaps you could give it a go. Why not persevere with tfr just a little longer and see if you an settle in to it again?
  8. trixiefoofoo

    trixiefoofoo Full Member

    My chemist certainly doesn't recommend it and when I did a re-feed wk, which was 2 shakes and a meal at night (no carbs) I actually STS - so wouldn't work for me!!

    My pharmacist mentioned something called herba-life?! (don't know if that's right) but sure that's 1 meal a day??

    Re-starts are hard but if you've done LT before, I'm sure you know the fantstic results you can get, on the TFR.

    Good luck whatever you decide
  9. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    Another diet might be best if you really cant handle not eating - i think Cambridge does a plan where you have a meal - look it up :)

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